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Domestic Violence & Choosing Adoption in Kansas

By Laysha Macedo

Domestic abuse accounts for more than 15% of all violent crimes. This is a terrifying statistic. There are many women who experience domestic violence in their homes or relationships. An unplanned pregnancy can add pressure and stress to an already distressing situation. An abusive environment is not the space to raise a child, leading many women to choose adoption. While a difficult decision to make, it may just be what you and the child need at this time.

The adoption process has many steps and requires careful thinking. This process can add stress to your healing and transition as you may also be seeking to leave the relationship or home. It is important to know that you are not alone during this time. There are many people out there—support groups, organizations, family—who are here for you. Support during this time is of the utmost experience. You do not have to go through this process and transition alone. 

Choosing adoption in this context can bring up a lot of questions. As you consider adoption, you may begin to think about how the process may look different for you. The biggest question may be in regards to what kind of rights the birth father may have. Here, at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we hope to provide clarification and the kind of support you need during this transition.

Choosing Adoption 

During your decision-making process, it is important, if you are ready, to seek a way out of the abusive environment you are living in. While stressful, it is important for your well-being to no longer be in that space. An adoption counselor can help you with resources for shelters or safe houses that you may relocate to during the transition. We understand that it can be overwhelming, but it is vital to your safety. 

Ultimately, choosing adoption is a difficult decision. We commend you for the time and careful thought you have taken to come to this decision. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have different options you can take. If you choose adoption, we are here to provide you with the help to make your adoption process manageable.

Steps to Take in the Adoption Process

Many women in these distressing circumstances choose adoption. Choosing adoption entails, under professional guidance, creating an adoption plan that best suits you. From choosing the kind of adoption that you want to choose, parents, there is so much that goes into the adoption process. With support from an adoption counselor, be reassured that your plan for the child will run smoothly. 

It is important to be aware of what happens after adoption. You may experience grief and loss with the finalization of the adoption. This is a completely normal response. Be reassured that there is help available out there for you. As part of your work with the adoption counselor, there is also the support we can provide after the adoption process. From finding mental health support to accessing basic needs, we are here for you even after the process has concluded.

Birth Father’s Consent for Adoption

You may ask yourself what will happen with the birth father’s parental rights. You have every right to choose what happens with your pregnancy and adoption. Parental rights of the birth father, however, may come in the way. With the help of an adoption counselor, you can seek legal support to help you through the process if the birth father is making adoption difficult. The circumstances can vary depending on marital status. This is why it is important to seek legal advice and support to tackle the circumstances of your situation.

Adoption Choices is Here to Help

The trauma and distress of domestic violence are something no one should ever have to experience. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, in addition to it, can also lead to stressful decisions and processes. It may seem impossible to manage all of this but be assured that you are not alone. Many other birth mothers have gone through the same or similar experiences with the help and support of their family and community. 

Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we hope to provide you with the kind of support that you need during this time. If you are a birth mother experiencing domestic violence and looking for adoption agencies in Kansas, reach out to us. You can also research adoption agencies and Wichita adoption services near you. 

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