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Exploring Unrealistic and Realistic Adoption Expectations

By Rockebah Charles-Stewart

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you might require some assistance with adoption options. Adoption is just one of the many options available for an unplanned pregnancy, though there are misconceptions surrounding it. Adoption Choices of Kansas is able and willing to correct any misunderstandings about adoptions. We are a licensed private adoption agency dedicated to offering birth mothers a range of services to guarantee their safety, support, and well-being. Adoption Choices of Kansas operates in all cities across Kansas, including Wichita, Olathe, Topeka, and more. So, if you are pregnant and looking for pregnancy help, consider Adoption Choices of Kansas.

Common Misconceptions About Adoptions

Having accurate information is crucial when considering options for unplanned pregnancy. However, there is false information circulating about the adoption process in Kansas. Your first step should be dispelling misconceptions, such as:

  • Control over choosing the adoptive family: Birth mothers often worry about adoption because they think their preferences will be suppressed. This is simply not true. Adoption agencies, such as Adoption Choices of Kansas, give birth mothers full control over the adoption process. We provide guidance and support, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.
  • Contact with the child after placement: Many birth mothers fear a lack of communication with their child once they are placed. Once again, it is all in your hands. If you wish, you can remain a part of the child’s life as they grow into adulthood.

Realistic Expectations for Birth Mothers During the Adoption Process

There are several things to expect when planning to give a child for adoption with an adoption agency such as Adoption Choices of Kansas. These include:

  • Receiving support throughout the process: Our adoption professionals are dedicated to assisting you through the entire adoption process. This includes helping you create a customized adoption plan for before and after child placement. We are here to give advice, provide support, and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to minimize any difficulties you may be facing, allowing you to prioritize yourself and your child.
  • Choosing an adoptive family with shared values: Adoption Choices of Kansas has professionals ready to assist you, though the final choice is always yours. This encompasses the family your child will be growing with. When working with us, you have the freedom to choose a family that aligns with your preferences. It can range from their religious beliefs to the size of their family. Our thorough explorations aim to provide you with confidence and peace of mind in your decision.
  • Potentially having some level of contact with the child: During the adoption process, you need to choose an adoption type based on the contact level you want after finalization. Although most adoptions in the U.S. are now open adoptions, you should choose the adoption type that is best for you. Still, open adoption is one you may consider. 
    • With open adoptions, identifying information, like names and contact details, is exchanged. Also, birth parents and adoptive families can connect and maintain contact before, during, and after the placement. Open adoptions have different levels of openness after finalization. Contact usually involves emails, letters, pictures, and phone calls. Usually, in-person visits are part of a fully open adoption and even extended family members can be part of it.

Importance of Open Communication During the Adoption Process

During the adoption process, it is important to have open communication with the adoption professionals. Open communication means these professionals would be better able to assist you in finding a family based on your criteria. It can also benefit you when creating your customizable adoption plan. Remember, this plan is tailored around your needs, so our professionals would need to know what these needs are.

Resources Available for Support

Adoption agencies in Kansas offer several adoption services that can benefit birth mothers. We provide:

  • Support groups: Joining a birth mothers’ group can provide you with extra support. Being part of a women’s community with similar goals about adoption in Kansas can bring you immense encouragement and solace. We can help you find a local group or, if you prefer, an online one.
  • Adoption therapy specialists: At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we provide birth mothers with free counseling sessions. Our licensed adoption counselors will be available for you to discuss your emotions and options in a healthy way. With these sessions, what you say remains confidential and nonjudgmental. Rest assured, this is a secure space for you to express your thoughts and emotions. Here, you can also have all your questions and concerns resolved. If you choose Adoption Choices of Kansas, the counselor will connect you with an adoption professional to guide you through the process. Our agency will embrace you, respect you, and guide you from start to finish.
  • Other resources available for birth mothers’ support: There are no costs involved in putting a baby for adoption. Also, if you require financial help, adoption agencies are there to offer valuable support. An adoption professional will assist you in exploring the options you are eligible for. With Adoption Choices of Kansas you may be eligible for assistance in the following areas:
    • Pre-natal care
    • Health care
    • Rent
    • Utilities

 Adoption Choices of Kansas Can Correct Your Adoption Misconceptions

When you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption may be the best option for you. However, like other birth mothers, you may have misunderstandings about the help available for pregnant women. There is no need to worry. Adoption Choices of Kansas can ensure that adoption expectations are balanced. We are a private agency licensed to place children and serve women with unplanned pregnancies. We guarantee that we will fulfill all your achievable expectations.

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