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Unplanned pregnancy is never easy regardless of age, circumstances, or experiences. Drug and alcohol addiction adds an extra difficult layer. For expecting mothers, it can be incredibly hard to cope with their addiction and pregnancy. The already intense emotions about the process, can feel amplified. It is important to know that you are not alone. Adoption is a choice for you if that is what you feel is best for you and your child. There is an adoptive family for every child, and your child will be no different.

Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri is a supportive organization that will provide you with the resources and help that you need without judgment. We all struggle with different challenges and Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri strives to create the best adoption plan to help both you and your child be as healthy and comfortable as possible throughout the process. In order to ease your concerns about the process, below are a few steps to help walk you through this process.

  • If you are considering adoption, you will meet with an adoption counselor to provide you with a screening. You and your counselor will be able to talk about your situation and create the best plan to go forward. Many birth mothers struggling with addiction are afraid that there will be consequences for coming forward. This is not true. You will not be judged, punished or turned away. Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri understands the complexities of addiction and will work to connect you with the resources you need.
  • Drug tests are not be administered, but you will be asked to provide your medical history for the adoptive family. Including information about your drug or alcohol usage is important, as it can help your child be matched with a family best suited to their needs. However, you are not obligated to. You can choose to disclose as much or as little information as possible. It is important to remember that regardless of circumstance, you are making an incredibly selfless decision in placing your child for adoption.
  • If you are struggling with addiction and wish to receive treatment, there are resources for you. In order to ensure the safety and health for you and your child, it is best to try and stop using and get clean. However, we understand that this is an intense and difficult process. An alternative to this is a methadone program. This treatment involves a medication-based therapy that helps people with opioid addictions. Methadone treatment aims to replace the drugs with what is considered to be an “opioid analgesic,” meaning a medication that reduces the effect of opioid substances. Methadone treatment is not a cure for addiction, but it is safer than using drugs.

Placing your child for adoption is an incredibly selfless decision for a birth mother. Regardless of your situation, adoption is an option. If you decide that it is the best decision for you and your child, remember that there are resources to help you through this process.

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