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Financial Supports and Fun Facts regarding your pregnancy and Unemployment due to COVID

Adoption Choices of Kansas recognizes that you may have lost your job due to COVID-19. As a result, you may be struggling not only emotionally but financially. On top of possibly losing your job, you may have learned that you have become pregnant and are in search of placing your baby for adoption. You are wondering how you can afford adoption due to unemployment. The good news is that we can help! Today, we want to help assist you by informing you of financial support that we offer for necessities such as food. We also want to share two facts with you, that may shock you as a birth mother, regarding the financial support that you are eligible for. Trust us, it will make you smile! 

We Provide Financial Support for Necessities such as food. We not only provide general financial support to you, but we provide support to you for basic necessities such as food. We do not want to see you, or your child go hungry and the great news is that we are completely able to help you with support regarding food. We can provide you with forms of financial support like “food stamps, WIC, and other grocery expenses” (Adoption Choices of Kansas). 

As we said, food is a basic necessity and we do not want to see you or your baby go hungry, which is why we are able to provide support like this at no cost to you. Unemployment has affected everyone, and you do not need to worry about getting access to proper nutrition. You and your baby need it, and a happy and healthy baby is what you are hoping for, isn’t it? Not only will it become evident to you that you and your baby are eating healthy, but your adoptive family will notice it as well. They do not want to have to end up worrying about your child going hungry, and if buying food remains a struggle due to job loss as a result of COVID-19, we can give you the proper amount of financial support that you need. We care about our birth mothers and we hope to see that you will reach out to us regarding aid for basic necessities, like buying and having access to healthy foods for you and your baby. Remember, that we cannot assist you, unless we know, so please do not hesitate to contact us! Our information can be found below. 

Two Fun Facts for You Regarding Financial Assistance

You may be surprised to hear this, but we have two facts that can help you, especially financially due to your job loss. 

1) Your chosen adoptive parents, along with us, help you to cover all costs of adoption. You may have read this and thought “are you guys serious?!” To that, we say “absolutely!”. We understand how much of a hassle it is for birth mothers to go through the adoption process and this is why we are here to help. Whether you are in need of general support for necessities, such as food, or if you are in need of other necessities such as baby clothes, or perhaps toys for the baby, we can help you financially! Not only are we able to help you with your adoption, but your chosen adoptive family can assist you as well. Just like you, they want to see that your baby will grow up to be happy and healthy, and we hope that you will be able to allow your adoption team (us, your adoptive family, and your family or friends) to help you as much as possible!

2) Placing a Baby for Adoption is Free! Yes, you heard that right as well! You may think that we charge a fee to help you with playing your baby for adoption, but the truth is that we do not charge a penny! You may have thought about perhaps wanting to give up on the adoption process due to your unemployment, but guess what? You do not have to! Remember to keep in mind the following services that we offer to you:

  • We help you with finding a caseworker for emotional support and guidance. 
  • We help you in finding available adoptive families that are looking to adopt your baby.
  • We help to support you financially with necessities like food through food stamps. 

We are an organization that truly is dedicated to helping you, and we understand how hard it is to have lost your job due to COVID-19. But do not fear, because we are here! 

Remember, that we are here for you! Unemployment due to COVID-19 has affected nearly everybody in one way or another. Your loss and pregnancy no longer has to be a worry. The facts and support that we mentioned to you are true. Placing your baby for adoption is completely free for you and we hope that you will be able to seek your chosen adoptive family and us for financial support! 

You are not alone with this situation. Every single person has been affected due to COVID-19, and we recognize that problem. The good news is that the global pandemic has not stopped us from reaching our mission, which is helping birth mothers go through their entire adoption process without the need to fear. This includes financial assistance and we know that you are currently in need of it. Please remember though that we are willing to, are here, and are able to help you! We cannot be of assistance to you however, unless we are aware! We are here to help you, and we hope to hear from you soon! 

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Meet the Author: Jason Legasse is a rising senior English major studying at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. He hails from the Albany, New York area, but has plans to relocate to sunny Venice, Florida with his mom come Fall. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Jason plans to study General Special Education at Meredith College, where he will earn a Master’s degree and use that to teach middle school Special Education.

Jason is a self-proclaimed introvert with Asperger’s who really enjoys writing. He has a huge passion for helping others, specifically those with disabilities. He is very excited to be working with Adoption Choices over the summer, and looks forward to learning more about the adoption process! 


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