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From Hospital to Adoption in Kansas: What to Expect and Your Next Steps

By Chloe Agas

You may be feeling anxious and curious about what will occur at the hospital when you are considering adoption for my baby. You may ask: 

  • What can I do to be prepared?
  • How will I be treated at the hospital?
  • What will make me comfortable when giving birth to the child? 
  • What can I expect after the child is born?

This can be overwhelming, and it is ok to worry about what the next steps will be. As a mother who is interested in giving a child up for adoption, please know that you are not alone and that support is there to help you during this time. By taking the first step, please be assured that you are demonstrating incredible strength and have your pondering questions answered as you go onwards with the process. 

What are the First Steps? Creating an Adoption Plan that is Right for YOU

The first steps begin right when you start working with the adoption agency. Prior to going into labor, you will create a birth plan, which can also be called a hospital plan. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, you have the opportunity to work with a specialist in developing this plan and get your questions answered. Through guided teamwork, you will be able to: 

  • Get assistance with financial support
  • Find safe housing
  • Access to medical care
  • Discuss the potential adoptive family
  • Create a communication agreement between both you and the adoptive family. 

Everything will be taken into consideration from the moment you do your consultation to giving birth in the delivery room, and lastly, post-placement support with the agency. Adoption Choices of Kansas offers a variety of birth mother support in order for you, as a mother, to be comfortable in creating a positive experience in placing your baby up for adoption. 

How Does the Adoption Plan Work in Kansas? 

When you are considering giving a child up for adoption, it is OK to feel lost and need assistance. Adoption Choices of Kansas will provide the necessary steps and guidance in creating your adoption plan. When you reach out to Adoption Choices of Kansas and schedule a first meeting with a Birth Parent Counselor, you will be accommodated based on your preference, whether that would be remote or in-person. 

With one of our adoption specialists, you will be assisted and taking action in:

  • Paperwork to assist you in creating your adoption plan 
  • A financial budget that suits your needs 
  • Seeking medical and prenatal care 
  • Choosing adoptive families through a matching process 
  • Communication between you and the adoptive family during your pregnancy

All of these steps will take place during your pregnancy leading up to your due date.

What is a Hospital Plan? 

birth plan can also be known as a hospital plan, and it is essentially based on your preferences before, during, and after labor. Along with the creation of your adoption plan, this will be created before you give birth. When you create a hospital plan, you address and answer questions such as: 

  • Which hospital do I plan to go to?
  • How do I want to deliver the baby?
  • Who will be in the delivery room when I am giving birth? 
  • Who do you want to hold your baby? 
  • What resources would be provided/available to me?
  • What will make you comfortable during your stay at the hospital?

This can be as detailed as possible in order to accommodate the birth mother’s needs on delivery day. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, our mission is to put our client’s best interests at heart and to provide support throughout this time. 

What Can I Expect With Post-Placement Support from Adoption Choices of Kansas? 

Adoption Choices of Kansas undergoes a process for prospective adoptive families and what to expect through a home study checklist. Then an adoption specialist brings forward profiles of adoptive families for you to choose from. Once the adoption process itself occurs, you will create a communication agreement with the adoptive family before, during, and potentially post-delivery.

After you give birth, the adoptive family will also leave the hospital with the baby. You will also begin the process of giving your final consent through relinquishment papers. This gives permission to the adoptive family you have chosen to permanently adopt the child. Depending on your agreement, you and the adoptive family will have post-placement communication with each other. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas also provides post-placement support for birth mothers, including counseling and emotional support, when needed. Your well-being is a priority at this time. 

Are You Considering Giving a Child Up for Adoption and Ready to Get Assistance?

If you are a woman seeking adoption services in Wichita, we are ready to assist with our variety of services. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to be able to assist you with what happens at the hospital if you want to place your baby up for adoption.

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