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Happy Birth Mothers Day from Adoption Choices of Kansas!

By Janae Pabon

To all the birth mothers out there who have placed a baby for adoption, Happy Birth Mother’s Day! Though Birth Mother’s Day is not a widely known holiday, it is still an important holiday. You deserve to be able to celebrate you and the selfless act you made by choosing adoption. This day may bring up different emotions for all mothers, so you can celebrate it however it feels right to you. 

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What is Birth Mother’s Day?

This year, National Birth Mother’s Day takes place on May 13th, 2023. It is a day that recognizes and honors the parents who chose adoption for their children. It is a way for you, as a birth mother, to get a special day of appreciation that celebrates the brave decision you once made. And after all, you are still a mother – this is your Mother’s Day.

The holiday was created by a group of birth mothers in Seattle in 1990 on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. The celebration expresses that placing your baby for adoption doesn’t make you any less of a woman or a mother. This holiday matters, and you deserve to be appreciated. To some, adoption can feel like a great loss; this holiday also brings awareness to this and provides remembrance for your baby and the loss you may feel without them. It gives a birth mother a place to feel this loss and to grieve. Whether adoption was an easy choice for you or you have struggled with the loss of your baby, you still deserve this important day.

If you recently finalized your Kansas adoption, or it was years ago that you looked up “adoption agencies near me” while pregnant to begin the adoption process, you deserve to celebrate yourself on this day. 

How Can You Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day?

Celebrating Birth Mother’s Day looks different for every birth mother. For you, it may simply be taking a moment to think about and recognize the importance of your baby’s adoption and to appreciate yourself before you move on with your day. 

If you want to actively celebrate, there are also many ways to do this. You could take a break from your regular schedule to practice self-care; you deserve it! If you would like to be more in touch with your emotions, you can do something in honor of your baby. This can be anything that helps you think of and appreciate them. Making a pastry in their honor, planting flowers or a garden, and listening to music that you frequently played while pregnant are all examples of ways to commemorate your baby.

If you have an open adoption with the adoptive family, you could even choose to celebrate with them. You gifted them a beautiful baby to love and raise, so they are definitely thankful for you and should be happy to celebrate with you. This way, you can spend this day with your baby as well.

Adoption is a bittersweet experience. Therefore, we understand it may be difficult to think about your baby because of the emotions it brings up. Maybe adoption was a really difficult choice for you to make, and ever since you searched for adoption agencies near you, it’s been hard for you to cope. This is very normal. Birth Mother’s Day can be a day for you to grieve, to feel this loss, but also to recognize that your choice was important and that you made it for your baby’s well-being. They will have a better life because of you.

Celebrate Yourself this Birth Mother’s Day 

To all our Kansas birth mothers who placed their baby for adoption in Wichita, Kansas City, or anywhere else in Kansas, we are proud of you! We are thankful that you chose us, Adoption Choices of Kansas, out of all the adoption agencies to help you during this important time in your life, and we want to wish you a Happy Birth Mother’s Day. Besides being a day that you can celebrate as the birth mother, this holiday helps show others that adoption is something that is worth celebrating.

We hope you are able to find a way to celebrate this beautiful and special day in a way that feels right for you. Always remember that choosing adoption is not giving up

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-391-4904.

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