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The fear is real. You faced an unplanned pregnancy and ultimately made an adoption plan. You spent weeks contemplating the decision and went through the high and low emotions. Some days it felt like the best choice in the world and other days you were buried in guilt. When you saw the love from the family, though, who adopted your child, you knew it was meant to be. An open adoption meant you were going to share lives with this family and you were confident and even proud of your choice.

It’s been a few weeks, months, or maybe even a year or more later and you are terrified of becoming pregnant again – until you are ready. The fact is, after giving birth and your cycle is normal again, you will continue to ovulate month after month and that means the chance of becoming pregnant remains.

If you are experiencing adoption fears, here are some tips:

1 – contraceptive protection – pills, patches, rings, devices, there are plenty of options! After placing your child for adoption, we can help connect you with a doctor or financial resources to help.

2 – use your birth control correctly and on schedule – take your pill at the same time everyday, avoid missing a dose, replace your patch or ring on time. Put a timer on your phone and prepare an auto refill so the next month is always ready.

3 – use protection – i.e. a condom – and make sure you are using them correctly.

4 – track your fertility and avoid sex during ovulation. There are apps, like MyDays that you can use to track your menstrual and ovulation cycle. But this method is only effective if you take your time and really get to know your body. Instead, consider it as a good complement to other birth control options.

These options circulate around sex and obviously, the means by which to get pregnant – sex. But also consider your environment or your situation. If you are in an unsafe, undesirable, or unstable situation, it’s time to make some changes. No matter your situation, there is help available! Homelessness, addiction, violence… there is help available! You do not have to suffer nor go through it alone.

If you have found yourself pregnant after placing your child for adoption and you want to make an adoption plan, we can help. This isn’t an uncommon situation or circumstance that we haven’t seen before. There are women who have placed their child for adoption, found themselves pregnant again, and placed a second and even third child for adoption as well. We are compassionate to your circumstance and will not judge your choice. We are here to help. Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071



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