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Adoptive Parent Services

LOCAL Counselors are Ready to Help.

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Adoptive Parent Services

LOCAL Counselors are Ready to Help.

Text Us Now 877-903-4488

Adoptive Parent Services

LOCAL Counselors are Ready to Help.

Text Us Now 877-903-4488

Adoptive Parent Services

LOCAL Counselors are Ready to Help.

Text Us Now 877-903-4488

Our Services, Your Adoption

Click here to download our Adoption Introduction Packet.

In it, you will find an introduction letter, details about our services, the adoption process, fees, finalizing your adoption, frequently asked questions, our application, required medical documents, and other information required. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


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A major step in building your family through adoption is the Home Study. The purpose of the Home Study is to gather information about the prospective adoptive family, educate and prepare the prospective family for adoption, and evaluate the capability and suitability of the prospective family to adopt.

Adoption Choices of Kansas offers home study services for both domestic and international adoptions. Our Adoption Specialist will travel to your home to complete your home study.

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Adoptive Parent Training

As a client with Adoption Choices, you are entitled to Adoption U’s, Adoptive Parent Training course. Adoption professionals from all over the U.S. review each step of the adoption process through short videos and interactive activities.

  • In short training sessions, learn the ins and outs for the most important steps of the adoption process
  • Learn at your own speed to best understand the material
  • Interactive training ensures you are armed with the knowledge you need
  • Quickly find adoption resources
  • Become Adoption U certified Adoptive Parents

From the home study to matching, hospital etiquette, post placement communication and more, we will cover a variety of topics so you are well equipped to become adoptive parents.

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Once your child is home, we complete the required post-placement supervisory visits.

These required visits enable us to assist you and your child as you settle into becoming a family.

Click here to download our post placement advice.


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Adoption Choices of Kansas can connect you with adoption grant and loan resources as well as other beneficial financial services. The following websites provide or have information about grants, loans, and financial support to assist with the adoption process:

the abba fund
The ABBA Fund helps Christian families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption by providing interest-free loans that can be paid back over time. They also administrate Matching Grant and Interest-Free Loan Adoption Funds for churches at no cost to the church so that local communities can help their families with adoption costs.

academy of adoption and assisted reproduction attorneys
The mission of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys Family Formation Charitable Trust is to provide financial assistance to those individuals and non-profit organizations seeking to build families through adoption and assisted reproductive technology. For more information and access to the grant application, please visit

a child waits foundation
The adoption assistance programs through A Child Waits are open to qualified couples and individuals who are seeking to adoption internationally.

adopt together
This non-profit funding platform helps families raise money to pay for adoption costs. Check out how it works by visiting Adopt Together.

adoption loans
Check with your local bank on the availability of unsecured adoption loans, or how to qualify for a home equity line of credit. In addition, some employers allow loans against 401K plans.

adoption tax credit
Most families qualify for the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, available for up to $14,300 in adoption expenses per child; to be used to pay for adoption fees, court costs, medical care and other adoption expenses. Learn more by going to the IRS website. Contact your tax specialist to determine whether you qualify.

Adoption Tax Credit FAQs by North American Council on Adoptable Children

america’s christian credit union
Adopting a child is a special event for the Christian family. While many financial institutions do not understand the unique situation surrounding the adoption process, ACCU choose to respond to those needs. As part of their continuing effort to “reach, serve and teach,” they are happy to offer Adoption Loans.

anna cheri foundation
The foundation’s mission is to inspire people to orphan care around the world through both adoption and adoption support. They will award a grant every year to a family who is selected. For more information, please visit

buescher foundation
Families that are adopting domestically and have been approved by an agency or facilitator can apply for a grant. There is no income requirement.

cade fondation
The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation’s Family Building Grant provides up to $10,000 per funded family to help with costs of domestic adoption and medical fertility treatment. The only restrictions for applying are must have a diagnosis of infertility from your doctor and be a legal, permanent US resident.

dave thomas foundation for adoption
The adoption assistance programs through Dave Thomas Foundation awards grants to adoption organizations that connect children with families, particularly adoption through foster care. The website provides general information about adoption, as well as prototypes for employer assistance programs.

domestic infant support fund (scholarship)
The Domestic Infant Support Fund was originated to provide assistance to flexible families, reducing the costs and breaking down financial barriers associated with the adoption of infants or older children through the Gladney Domestic Infant Program. Each family must meet the program qualifications and those outlined in Support Fund Request before the request for a support fund may be submitted.

dove men+care paternity leave fund
A $1 million commitment to fund paid paternity leave for real dads across the country over the next two years. Dove’s fund will extend $5,000 grants to dads without access to paid leave so they can spend time with their children and show how paternity leave benefits families, workplaces, and communities. Take the Pledge for Paternity Leave here.

dream4adoptionis accepting applicants for grants for the home study phase of adopting families. This program seeks to fund up to $1,500 directly to the agency involved in your home study phase. When the adoption is finalized Dream4Adoption also gives grant recipients an additional $500 as a “Welcome Home” portion of the grant.

family formation charitable trust
Formed to assist those in their efforts to form their families and to help children.

federal medical and family leave act Visit Here.

frost financial adoption assistance
Since 1868, Frost has been offering products and services to people in our community. Their commitment to doing business honestly and ethically explains why so many Texans trust them as a safe and sound place for managing their finances. Frost Application Process

gift of adoption
This organization provides adoption assistance grants that give vulnerable children a permanent home and the chance to thrive.

helping kids cope
Adoptive couple can be of any race and child to be adopted can be of any race, age or gender.

help us adopt is a national 501(c)(3) financial grant program that helps couples/individuals (regardless of ethnicity, gender, marital status, religion, or sexual orientation) with the cost of their adoptions by awarding grants up to $15,000.

it’s a child’s life foundation
A small non-profit organization based out of Ada, OK with a heart for helping in the areas of foster, adoption, mentoring and support for children.

jewish free loan association
Loans up to $35,000.

katelyn’s fund  – orphan ministry
Provids grants to Christian families.

lending club
The world’s largest online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors.

lifesong for orphans
Rncourages Christian couples to adopt a child by relieving some of the financial burden of international and domestic adoption. They provide Adoption Matching Grants from $1k-$4k per child, and also offer Interest-Free Loans up to $10,000. Contact them at, or call 309.747.3556.

Adoption loans from $5,000 to $100,000

military subsidies
National Military Family Association, Inc.
Phone: (703) 931-6632

national adoption foundation
The adoption assistance programs through National Adoption Foundation are available to any family whether they are adopting a child domestically, abroad, or from foster care. Open to all legal adoptions or non-related children and does not exclude private adoption, agency adoption, international adoption or special needs.

oxford adoption foundation
Helps families adopt internationally by providing low interest loans to assist with the expenses associated with the international adoption process.

pathways for little feet
Provides interest-free loans to qualified adoptive families who need financial assistance to finalize their adoptions.

project hope ministries
Provides matching grants to Christian families that adopt older, special needs, or sibling groups from Colombia. The purpose of the match is to help encourage your friends, family, and church to give to your adoption. Please download a PDF version of the grant. Link to pdf

Provides hopeful adoptive parents across the U.S. with access to low-interest, unsecured adoption loans.

resources 4 adoption
This website provides you with a database of adoption grants and loans and many resources to help you start the adoption process.

show hope
Through adoption assistance grants, Show Hope donors have helped provide loving, Christian families for over 2,000 waiting orphans from 40 different countries, including the U.S.

the sparrow fund
An organization committed to encouraging and supporting these families in the adventure of adoption. We do this by providing grants to families in financial need to enroll in programs specifically designed to provide counsel and comprehensive medical reviews of their referred child.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Adoption Choices of Kansas provide adoptive families?
Adoption Choices of Kansas provides a wide array of services to adoptive families. We can complete your adoption home study, assist in matching you with birth parents, and provide post placement services after you are placed with your child. We are with you every step of the way to help you build your family.
How long does the adoption process usually take?
We know the wait to adopt is daunting to many people when they are first considering adoption. We do our very best to move you through the process as swiftly as possible, while still ensuring that you find the perfect match for your family. Our wait times range from a couple of weeks to about one year. The more open your parameters are regarding race, gender, and other specifics, the less time typically spent waiting.
Do you provide grant and loan assistance?

Adoption Choices of Kansas can connect you with grant and loan resources. The following websites provide or have information about grants and loans to assist with the adoption process:

DOVE MEN+CARE PATERNITY LEAVE FUND – A $1 million commitment to fund paid paternity leave for real dads across the country over the next two years. Dove’s fund will extend $5,000 grants to dads without access to paid leave so they can spend time with their children and show how paternity leave benefits families, workplaces, and communities. Take the Pledge for Paternity Leave here.

HELP US ADOPT – is a national 501(c)(3) financial grant program that helps couples/individuals (regardless of ethnicity, gender, marital status, religion, or sexual orientation) with the cost of their adoptions by awarding grants up to $15,000.



NATIONAL ADOPTION FOUNDATION – Provides grants and loans

NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR FINANCIAL EDUCATION – Provides information on how to make adoption affordable

A CHILD WAITS – Provides low interest loans

DAVE THOMAS FOUNDATION FOR ADOPTION – Provides grants assistance & general education. Also provides prototypes for employer assistance programs

MILITARY SUBSIDES National Military Family Association, Inc. Phone: (703) 931-6632

ADOPTION LOANS Check with your local bank on the availability of unsecured adoption loans, or how to qualify for a home equity line of credit. In addition, some employers allow loans against 401K plans.




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How does adoption work?

Learn more about the adoption process

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Highly recommended

We cannot even begin to put into words our gratitude towards the caring and competent staff at Adoption Choices ! We began our adoption journey in January of 2010, and in August 2010 were blessed with the birth of our baby boy. The case worker and attorney helped us tremendously throughout the whole process, from our initial match with the birth parents to the final Adoption Decree. Although we formed a wonderful relationship with the birth family and were invited into the delivery room, the case worker remained at the hospital and was there in the event we needed her. The attorney was efficient and thorough, and we were surprisingly cleared to return to our home state 3 days following the birth. We absolutely adore our beautiful baby, love finally becoming parents, and are so grateful for the wonderful people who helped make this all possible. We highly recommend Adoption Choices to anyone looking to adopt!

- Sincerely, Carol and D.J.

This Adoption Agency Is Amazing

"As a mom about to place I have to say this adoption agency is amazing and has helped me and my family out so much. The case workers are always there. This has been a ongoing battle; one of the biggest decisions I've ever had to make. I know I would never feel this motivated to do the right thing if it wasn't for the support of the agency. I recommend it to anyone thinking about it."

- Alliey

Truly Thankful

We are truly thankful to Adoption Choices. The caseworker basically became apart of our family, always available and able to answer or find out the answers to our questions. The legal part of the process went very smoothly. Even though we had a hiccup with the caseworker at hospital, the staff at Adoption Choices did everything they could to expedite us welcoming our new son to our family. We will be forever thankful to them and their kindness during this process.

- Love, Patty and Dan

Contact Us

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    Potential Adoptive Parents, please acknowledge an understanding of the following state requirements to adopt a child:


    What services does Adoption Choices of Kansas provide adoptive families?
    Adoption Choices of Kansas provides personalized, comprehensive support for families hoping to adopt a baby. We will guide you and give you everything you need along every step of your adoption journey. Designed to ensure you have the best possible chances for a successful adoption, our services include the following:

    • Two full years of marketing & advertising. We will assist you in creating your adoptive parent profile and aggressively advertising it to potential birth parents.
    • Adoption referrals & networking. We will refer you to experienced adoption attorneys and social workers from our network of trusted professionals.
    • 24-Hour support for birth parents. Our staff is available day or night to talk, text, or chat with birthmothers who are considering adoption.
    • Coordination & guidance for meeting a birth parent. We will help coordinate communication and meetings between you and the birth parents. We provide you with questions to ask and “red flags” to watch out for.
    • Online & offline marketing. We utilize aggressive marketing and advertising efforts to ensure your profile is seen by as many birth parents as possible.
    • Guidance & support. Call us any time! We’re always here to talk, listen, and offer assistance, advice, and encouragement at any stage of the process.

    How long does the adoption process usually take?
    Because we work with a limited number of families at a time, we’re able to offer quicker placement times and more adoptions than other adoption agencies and service providers. Our connection times range from 2–24 months. If you are open about the baby’s race and gender, expenses, and birth location, your adoption process could move quicker.

    Do we need a home study before we begin working with Adoption Choices of Kansas?
    While we are happy to assist you in completing your home study, or referring you to another agency in your state, we cannot accept applications until your home study is completed and approved.

    What is open adoption?
    Open adoption means the birth mother has the opportunity to communicate with the adoptive family and meet them in person if desired. Many birth mothers will request letters, pictures, and some level of communication with the adoptive family after the adoption is finalized. The majority of our adoptions are open, but we also fully support families and birth parents who wish to have semi-open or closed adoptions. Learn More »

    Is there a waiting list to adopt a baby?
    We match birth mothers and adoptive families based on whether or not they are the right fit for each other, not by the order in which they come to us. Because of this, we do not have a waiting list.

    Who is eligible to apply to adopt a baby with Adoption Choices of Kansas?
    Adoption Choices of Kansas has far fewer restrictions than a traditional adoption agency. We serve families all over the United States and only require you to be 25 years of age or older. We have no religious belief requirements and you do not need to be a US citizen. We fully support both single parent adoption and gay and lesbian adoption, and families with other biological and/or adopted children are welcome to apply. We also accept couples who are already working with an adoption agency or professional and have not yet had any luck.

    Is there a fee to apply to adopt a baby with Adoption Choices of Kansas?
    Yes, our adoption application is $2,395.00.

    Are all families successful in adopting a baby?
    We are extremely proud of our 98% adoption success rate. We work very hard to make sure every family that comes to Adoption Choices of Kansas has a successful adoption!

    Can I choose the gender and/or race of my adopted baby?
    We certainly allow you to set your gender and/or race preferences when working with us. However, we usually advise hopeful parents to be as open with their preferences as they are comfortable with in order to give them the best possible chances of connecting with a birthmother.

    What are the costs involved in adopting a baby?
    We charge a flat fee for our marketing and support services (see “What services does Adoption Choices of Kansas provide adoptive families?” above). Payment is due with the signed contract when you begin working with us. In addition to our service fee, you’ll be responsible for other miscellaneous adoption expenses, including legal fees, home study fees, birthmother expenses, and travel expenses. Even after taking into account all adoption costs, working with us is still one of the most economical ways in the country to adopt a baby.

    What birth mother expenses will we be responsible for?
    Birth mother expenses can involve any reasonable pregnancy-related expense, including but not limited to housing, utilities, transportation, food, and maternity clothing. When you begin working with us, you will be able to set your budget for birth mother expenses and we will only match you with a birth mother whose needs do not exceed that.

    Will we be required to cover the birth mother’s medical expenses?
    In most cases, the birth mother’s prenatal care, labor, and delivery are covered by their personal medical insurance or government-issued medical insurance. We work with each birth mother to ensure they have the appropriate medical coverage during this important time.

    Will we need to buy an insurance policy to cover the baby separate from our medical insurance?
    The baby is usually covered under the birthmother’s insurance until the birthmother signs over her parental rights. At that point, you will need to add the baby to your insurance policy.

    How soon after the baby is born can we take him or her home?
    The adoptive parents must remain in the state of the baby’s birth until the official state paperwork has cleared. This generally takes between 4 and 10 days.

    What happens if the birth mother changes her mind after signing the adoption papers?
    Depending on state laws, birth parents typically sign the final adoption papers between 12 and 72 hours after the baby is born. After the legal papers have been signed, the birth parents no longer have any legal parental rights over the baby. Based on our experience, most birth parents who go through the adoption process are proud of their decision and rarely change their minds after signing the final adoption papers, despite how difficult it was.

    The Adoption Process

    Beginning the adoption process can be a daunting task. We have outlined the steps in adopting with us to make it easier:

    1. Get an approved home study completed by a licensed child placing agency. If you reside in Kansas, we can complete this for you. If you are in another state, we can provide you with referrals to agencies near you.
    2. Complete and return our application along with the application fee. When we have received your application, we will notify you and let you know if there are additional documents needed.
    3. Create an adoption profile book. There are many resources online for making these. These are the books we will use to present you to expectant parents looking to choose an adoptive family for their baby. We will ask you to send us some copies of your profile book so that we have them available when needed.
    4. Once we have approved your application, you will be added to our list of waiting couples! We will contact you when we have birth mothers who are a good match for you and ask if you would like to have your profile presented to them.
    5. Once matched with an expectant mother, we will work with you and the expectant parents through all of the steps of the adoption from match to finalization.
    Contact Us 24/7