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How Can You Ensure Your Child Will Be Placed in a Safe and Loving Home?

By Hannah Bayly

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful in and of itself. If you are considering adoption and looking into adoption agencies in Kansas, it can be even more overwhelming. You have many options and choices ahead of you. These choices can be from choosing the right adoption center, creating your adoption plan, and many more. Among these choices will be the choice of adoptive parents for your baby. One of your primary concerns is likely securing the right adoptive parents for your baby. 

You may be worried about how you will choose loving, responsible parents for your child. It’s a big choice, and it can be overwhelming. Choosing a private adoption service, such as Adoption Choices of Kansas, can help to alleviate some of this stress. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we realize that there is a world of choice ahead of you. With us, you will receive the necessary information and support to make confident decisions.

Adoption Process for Potential Adoptive Parents

Just as it’s necessary for you to go through multiple steps in the adoption process, prospective parents must, too. With Adoption Choices of Kansas, the process for adoptive parents takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year. Our waiting families go through a multi-step process, including screenings and background checks. If you’re wondering what the process looks like for adoptive parents, here are the five main steps they will complete:

  • Complete and return an application and an application fee.
  • Create an adoption profile book. This is what’s used to present adoptive parents to expecting parents. Many resources online to make these.
  • Once the application is received, adoptive parents are added to the list of waiting couples.
  • Once matched, adoptive parents and expectant parents work through the remaining steps of the adoption process toward finalization.

With Adoption Choices of Kansas, we take things a step further. In addition to the screening process, we offer  ‘Adoption U.” This is a training course for adoptive parents consisting of videos and activities from adoption professionals. This training covers the important steps of the adoption process, including what happens after the adoption is finalized. 

After your baby goes home with their adoptive parents, Adoption Choices of Kansas requires post-placement supervisory visits. You can rest easy knowing our awaiting families have this additional knowledge and are prepared to be parents.

What Should You  Look For in Adoptive Parents for Your Baby?

As part of your adoption plan, you will review and select an adoptive family for your baby. This is sometimes referred to as “matching.” You will work with your adoption specialist to review the profiles of many families. The profiles you review might be for couples, single women, and parents of different backgrounds. There are many aspects that you will be considering as you look at the profiles of waiting families. Here are some things to consider as you are reviewing possible adoptive parents for your baby:

  • Marital status – It might be important to you that your baby is parented by a married couple. Perhaps you are open to a single woman adopting your child. It’s important to think about what you would prefer.
  • Beliefs and values – You may want your child to be raised in a religious home, or maybe you would prefer the opposite. Maybe there are certain lifestyle elements that you value. Consider these aspects, and what you value the most for your child and the environment they will grow up in.
  • Your baby’s future – Perhaps the adoptive parents you are considering want to have/adopt more children in the future. Maybe they have plans to live in other locations in the future. It’s important to look into the future and evaluate what that might look like for your child.
  • Financial security – Families with Adoption Choices of Kansas will be financially secure enough to provide for your baby. This is due to our in-depth screening process.

Above all else, it’s important to remember that you and your baby’s adoptive parents have the same desire. Both parties want to ensure that your baby is happy, healthy, and safe. When you and the adoptive parents are working with the right adoption center, finding a match is possible.

Choosing Adoption with Adoption Choices of Kansas

Making the decision of who will parent your baby can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, and many incredible families are looking to adopt a kid. It can be hard to determine what is most important to you when choosing a family. 

However, when working with us, you’ll be one-on-one with your adoption specialist. This means that you will have dedicated time to review possible adoptive parents. To make the process even easier, consider taking some time to reflect on yourself. Reflecting on the qualities you most desire in adoptive parents for your baby might make your choice even easier.

If you are considering different adoption agencies in Kansas, please reach out to us. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we offer high-quality, reliable, and trusted services. We have a 98% adoption success rate because of our diligent work and expert staff. When you choose Adoption Choices of Kansas, you’re choosing peace of mind. With us, you and your baby will be taken care of through every step of the adoption process.

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