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All About the Benefits of Choosing Adoption

By Maria Fernanda Taccola Borda

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, deciding to put your child up for adoption can be very difficult. If you are considering adoption and are seeking more information on adoption agencies in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help. We are an adoption agency that provides birth mothers adoption planning and services to ensure you and your baby’s safety, support, and care. 

While making this decision can feel scary and lonely, the adoption process involves many groups of people. The adoption triad refers to the three most important parties in the process: the birth parents, the adoptive parents and the child. 

Adoption can be a wonderful decision that greatly benefits all members of the triad, and Adoption Choices of Kansas is dedicated to ensuring that you do not go through the adoption process alone.

6 Benefits of Choosing Adoption in Kansas 

1. You have the peace of mind of knowing you gave your child the best possible life

Adoption is a difficult and courageous decision to make. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are not capable of raising a child in a healthy and happy environment, adoption may be the best decision for both you and your child. You are not “giving up” on your child, rather choosing adoption because you love them and want to give them the best possible life.

Giving a child up for adoption is an incredibly selfless decision that places the child’s well being above yours. It also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your child will be raised in a stable and loving home by parents whose dream it is to raise a child. All children deserve to live the best possible life, and being put up for adoption can be your child’s best chance at a happy life. 

2. You can fulfill adoptive parents’ lifelong dreams of raising a child 

By choosing adoption, you are improving at least 3 people’s lives: yours, your child’s, and the adoptive parents. All prospective adoptive parents at Adoption Choices of Kansas are prepared to welcome a child and give them a lifetime of support. They must all go through extensive background checks and a home study process in order to be approved to adopt. 

Requirements vary between states, but Kansas adoption agencies require prospective adoptive parents to partake in a health assessment, child abuse checks, fingerprint-based background checks, and proof of income. Only prospective adoptive parents whose dream it is to raise a child are selected.

3. You have the chance to pursue the goals and future you envision for yourself

Unplanned pregnancies often come at a time that does not align with your future plans and prevents you from living them. Being a parent is not an easy endeavor and requires not only financial resources but also emotional stability and support. Raising a child is very expensive and time-consuming, meaning it could delay future plans such as furthering your education and career, finding a home, or getting married.

It is said that “it takes a village” to raise a child, and this is certainly true. If you do not have the necessary support from your partner, your family or your friends, parenthood may be very difficult for you, and you should not feel guilty for choosing adoption. If you are not prepared to raise a child for any reason, Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you plan a brighter future for yourself and your child.

4. Adoption is free and Adoption Choices of Kansas supports you throughout your pregnancy

Adoption is always free for birth mothers, and during the adoption process Adoption Choices of Kansas helps you meet all your financial needs. This includes obtaining proper nutrition, including food stamps, WIC, and ongoing grocery expenses. We also help you find affordable and proper housing throughout your pregnancy and apply for Medicaid to ensure you receive appropriate medical care. After your due date, we provide you with a birth parent counselor for emotional support, ensuring you are not alone during this time. These financial benefits can give you the necessary freedom to get through your pregnancy and build a life for yourself after giving birth.

5. You can take control of your adoption plan

Being in control of your adoption plan makes the adoption process much easier. Working with Adoption Choices of Kansas, allows you to remain in control throughout the entire adoption process, no matter when you start. Choosing adoption late in your pregnancy is not a problem, as you can choose adoption at any point in your pregnancy or even after giving birth. You can then meet with potential adoptive parents to choose

the ones that are right for your child. The adoption process is also not finalized until after you’ve given birth and the adoptive parents become the new legal guardians so that you can change your mind at any moment prior to relinquishment. Your birth parent counselor will support you at every step of the way and make sure you remain in control of your adoption plan.

6. Open adoption allows you to remain in your child’s life if you want 

Adoption Choices of Kansas allows you to choose what level of openness you would like to have in your adoption plan. Adoption agencies in Kansas allow you to choose open, semi-open, or closed adoption. In an open adoption, you have as much contact as you want with the adoptive family and your child, and you can share contact information to receive letters and pictures. In a closed adoption, there is no contact between the triad, while a semi-open adoption lies in between. 

One of the main benefits of open adoption is that you will be able to know your child and stay updated on their life. You have the opportunity to watch them grow up in a loving environment because of your decision. 

How to get started with the adoption process

If you chose adoption and are looking for adoption agencies in Kansas, you can start the adoption process by simply calling or texting Adoption Choices of Kansas. From there, you will schedule an initial meeting with a birth parent counselor. They can meet you where you prefer or even connect you over the phone, and you just need to provide proof of pregnancy. Your counselor will give you all the necessary information and paperwork for you to create your own, personalized adoption plan. This includes setting a financial budget to meet all your needs, setting you up with a doctor, and presenting you with adoptive family profiles to choose from.

Adoption Choices of Kansas is committed to helping birth parents through every step of the adoption process and giving you the support you deserve.

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