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How to Deal with Pregnancy at 15 

So you’re 15 and have found yourself in that pink-strip-panic. An unplanned pregnancy is never an easy thing to deal with, especially if you’re only 15. Teenagers generally don’t plan on pregnancy, so finding yourself on the bathroom floor at 3 am taking a pregnancy test for the fifth time is probably not where you want to be. When you’re young, you can feel like nothing bad can happen to you. Gradually as you get older, that feeling of invincibility goes away. Those feelings of panic and realization that this is, in fact, really happening are probably setting in. Fun fact: life likes to throw big spiky curve balls that are impossible to catch gracefully.

It doesn’t matter how alone you feel right now. You are not alone. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here for you. Yes, you. Even if you’re only 15 and pregnant, we want to help you. Helping women is our business. Even if you feel like you can’t tell or talk to anyone, you can talk to us! We offer completely confidential and 100% judgment-free counseling over the phone or text message. No catches, no obligations, just answers to all of your questions. Pregnancy can be scary, and no one should have to deal with it alone.

Disclaimer: Yes, we are an adoption agency. No, we will not pressure you into adoption. What we will do is give you all of the facts, information, and options available so you can make educated decisions. Adoption is great — but it’s not for everyone. 

What do I do If I’m 15 and Pregnant?

  • Take Some Slow Deep Breaths

Anxiety leads to panic, panic leads to panic attacks, and that leads to breathing too fast and passing out. Please don’t pass out. Unplanned pregnancy is terrifying for a lot of people, and we get that. The unfortunate reality is that it is happening, and you do have to deal with it. Again, you don’t have to deal with it alone, which is good! Time is critical right now, but take five minutes to collect your breath and digest everything. This is a lot to process, and you should take some time to do so.

  • Talk to Someone You Trust about Your Unplanned Pregnancy

The rough thing about being 15 and pregnant is not really having access to medical care on your own. Most likely, you’re living with parents or a guardian, and they primarily financially support you. Telling your parents you’re pregnant is scary, regardless of how close you may be. If you don’t feel safe telling a parent, talk to an older sibling, school nurse, an adult you do trust, or one of our adoption counselors. Do not wait to talk to someone. Time is of the essence in an unplanned pregnancy, and the earlier you get help, the better.

  • Get Help Immediately with Your Teenage Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you need to make an appointment with a doctor or gynecologist as soon as possible. While at-home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate, a doctor is more accurate. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, talk with your doctor about your unplanned pregnancy options. The younger you are and the longer you wait, the more opportunities for complications. Pregnancy causes so many physical, mental, and hormonal changes, no matter your age.

Know Your Options with Your Unplanned Pregnancy

Yes, you have options! You may feel that your life is planned and decided for you, but you get to decide in this case. With any pregnancy, you have three options. Make sure you understand each option and its possible effects mentally and physically.

  • Parenting. You can choose to keep your baby and parent them. However, talk through this with whoever is providing you financial support. You most likely won’t be able to support yourself and a child and still go to school. Additionally, the younger you are, the more likely carrying to term can cause high blood pressure and the likelihood of premature birth and low birth weight. It may not be out of the question, but talk to your doctor about risk factors.
  • Termination. Abortion may be seen as the most popular or obvious option for teenage pregnancies. A doctor can tell you what the process is and explain risks, complications, and physical effects. There is typically a short healing period after the procedure, so take that into account. Abortion laws will differ by state, but most require parental consent. Every state also has differing laws about the number of weeks into the pregnancy you are allowed to terminate the pregnancy. Some states may also require a waiting period from consultation to scheduling the procedure.
  • Adoption. Adoption also requires you to be able to carry your baby to term, so be aware of that. Adoption is a beautiful and unselfish answer to an unplanned pregnancy. It comes with its ups and downs, but the majority of birth mothers will tell you it’s the best way for both you and your baby to live a full life.

Find Support regarding Your Teenage Pregnancy 

No matter what you decide, you will be a different person on the other side of your unexpected pregnancy. Pregnancy, especially so young, can take an emotional toll. Talk with your parents or guardian about getting help through therapists counselors. Most women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy don’t have someone to talk to or listen to them. But having someone to lean on and walk with you is imperative to the healing process and moving forward.

In the modern age of the internet, many women find communities online to empathize with what they’re going through. Finding groups of other 15-year-olds who have dealt with pregnancy might be an excellent way to understand that there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

How to Deal with Pregnancy at 15 

The hardest part of an unplanned pregnancy when you’re a teenager is just telling someone so you can get help. It’s scary, but the sooner you rip that bandaid off, the sooner you can move forward. Unfortunately, there’s no guide book, CliffsNotes, or internet video that can tell you what you should do. Facing pregnancy at 15 is a tough mountain to climb. Remember, you are not alone.

Being a teenager, you can often feel that the people around you have no idea how you’re feeling or what you’re going through. While it’s true that no one can fully understand you as well as you do, at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we work with hundreds of women from all walks of life and all ages. Teenage pregnancy has decreased significantly, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Talk with your doctor about contraception. Not everyone has adequate access to sex education, but an unplanned pregnancy is a good opportunity to learn about birth control options for the future.

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