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How to Find Closure with a Closed Adoption in Kansas

As a pregnant woman considering adoption, you may be struggling with the emotions that come along with this. There may be a number of reasons you are considering adoption. Whether it’s financial reasons, lack of support from loved ones, or not being ready to put your life on hold and take on the responsibility that comes with a child. No matter what the reason, there are still feelings of loss and grief that may come with this decision.

Just know that it is perfectly natural to feel those things. You are not alone. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to offer resources and advice on how to find closure in a closed adoption, and help you healthfully grieve and move forward in your adoption journey.

What is a Closed Adoption?

There are many types of adoptions, with closed adoption being one of them. Unlike other types of adoption, where the birth mother may have a choice in deciding the adoptive family her child may go to or having updates from them about her child, a closed adoption includes no contact before, during, or after the adoption process. Many expectant mothers may choose a closed adoption depending on what they want out of their life and adoption journey. After all, a closed adoption can have many positives, such as less responsibility for the expectant mother and more privacy.

However, even with the positives, a closed adoption may bring, you may still struggle with feelings of grief when the time comes to place your baby for adoption.

Handling Emotions in a Closed Adoption

Because a closed adoption is unique and brings about feelings that may be different than other types of adoptions, it is important to learn how to handle these emotions for your own mental well-being. The ultimate goal is to find closure in a closed adoption by reaching acceptance of this decision. That’s why Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to offer unplanned pregnancy help and several tips on how to take care of yourself during your closed adoption journey.

  • Be Gentle on Yourself

Being gentle on yourself is an important key to taking care of your mental well-being. It may be easy to fall into feelings of guilt, wondering if you are making the right decision or not, and this may cause you to be hard on yourself for wanting to choose a closed adoption. Just know that your desires are not out of the ordinary, and they are perfectly okay to feel. There may be several personal reasons you are pursuing a closed adoption, and all of them are valid. Practicing self love and accepting your feelings are the first steps to healing and finding closure.

  • Counseling 

Counseling may be an amazing resource for you as you’re seeking to find closure in a closed adoption. Our adoption center in Kansas offers free counseling services before and after the adoption is finalized. If you feel like you need extra support after placing your baby for adoption, you can make an appointment with one of our adoption counselors. We will  provide you with healthy and effective ways to vent or express your feelings. In doing so, you will continue to grow and heal. Through counseling, you will be able to learn coping strategies, and have a trained professional guide you throughout your closed adoption and beyond.

  • Birth Mother Support Groups 

Finding a birth mother support group may help you feel acceptance of yourself and your situation. It may help you understand how everyone has a right to choose and desire their life to be lived a certain way. That  you are not alone in those feelings.

There are many other birth mothers who have been in the same situation as you. So, having that support and ability to relate to others will make you feel more comforted throughout your grieving period. Birth mother support groups can provide an outlet for you to express your feelings to women who can empathize with you, and help you find healing and closure.

How will You Find Closure in a Closed Adoption?

Reaching acceptance is the ultimate goal when it comes to finding closure in a closed adoption. Once you reach acceptance of your decision, you will be able to come to terms with the situation and heal from it. This is key to be able to move forward in your life and live it the way you desire.

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, know that there are always resources available for you to get help. We are here to make sure you don’t have to go through your  journey of healing alone, and want to make sure you are getting the support you need. Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more!
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