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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, you might be wondering if your child will be told about the adoption or if the child will grow up not knowing that he or she was adopted. If the adoptive family discusses the adoption with the child, you might also wonder how your child will be told his or her adoption story and about you.

When creating your adoption plan with your adoption specialist at Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri, much of this will be discussed and will become clear once you choose an open adoption, semi-adoption, or closed adoption plan. In an open adoption, often you will continue to be in your child’s life through their life and none of these questions or fears are necessary.

Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri recommends that adoptive families tell their child that they are adopted from a very early age, so they grow up understanding that they are adopted. Most families begin with books and story time to help familiarize the child with the vocabulary of adoption. As the child gets older, they’ll share more details of the adoption story, making sure that they are age-appropriate to the child’s stage of development. Most importantly, they try to make sure the child feels safe and loved and has positive self-identity.

Most families tell their child everything you want him or her to know about you and the rest of your family. In addition to sharing this information, most families say that they tell the child about the time they got to spend with you, how special you are to their family and how much you love him or her.


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