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Adoption is an Option in Kansas

Why Choose Adoption?

Adoption is not a choice any woman makes lightly. However, when you have an unplanned pregnancy, adoption can certainly be a wonderful option for you and your unborn child. Adoption no longer carries the stigma it once did. Many birth parents have wonderful, open relationships with their birth children and the adoptive parents as the child is growing up.

Who will help me understand this decision and deal with the loss of my child?

We have a caring staff of licensed social workers who will walk you through every step of the process. We are here to listen and we are not here to judge. Adoption is a very big decision. We understand that and want to help you choose what is right for you and your unborn baby; whatever that may be.

Can I choose the adoptive family of my child?

Absolutely! All of our waiting families have “profile books” that have many pictures of them, their home, their extended family, pets, and much more. The books discuss why the family wants to adopt and provides a lot of information about the family and their lifestyle. You can meet your adoptive family prior to your child’s birth, and you choose the level of contact you would like to have with them following the birth and the adoption. If you are not comfortable choosing the family, we can help with that as well.

How do I know the adoptive family will provide a safe environment in which to raise my child?

All of our prospective adoptive parents go through extensive background checks and a thorough home study process in order to be approved to adopt. Requirements vary from state to state, but typically the prospective adoptive parents must have a health assessment, child abuse checks, fingerprint based background checks, and provide proof of their income and financial resources. Prospective adoptive parents are also required to discuss their backgrounds, childhoods, family of origins, and current support systems.

Will I be able to meet the adoptive family in person?

Your adoption can be as open or as closed as you would like. You can meet your prospective adoptive parents prior to the birth of your child and choose to have an ongoing relationship with them, or you can never meet them at all. We help you decide what you are comfortable with. You get to choose.

What Services Can Adoption Choices of Kansas offer me?

In addition to adoption education and guidance, we can help arrange assistance with food, maternity clothes, transportation to medical appointments and legal counsel.

What If I have counseling and assistance through the agency and then decide I don’t want to go through with the adoption?

We believe our task is to educate and counsel you, which will help you decide if adoption is the best choice for you and your child. Should you explore adoption and realize it is not right for you, we will help guide you to the necessary resources to assist with your parenting plan. At our agency, you are never pressured to make an adoption plan.

Does the birthfather of the baby have to know? What if I don’t know who or where he is?

Kansas and Missouri law requires that the prospective birthfather be notified. In those situations where we are unable to locate the prospective birthfather, other legal avenues are available to complete the adoption.

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