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The wait is over! You’ve officially, and legally, adopted your child. Now, you can’t wait to share your good news with the world. Adopting a child is a momentous event – which is why you want to announce your new addition to friends and family in a memorable way. Only, how do you do it?

Look no further! Adoption Choices of Missouri has you covered. From social media to t-shirt designs, we have several ideas for your adoption announcement. Each one is sure to spread your heart-warming news in style!

Adoption Photo Shoot

One fun way to announce your adoption is to do an adoption photo shoot and share the pictures with family and friends. The pictures can even be taken before and after the adoption’s finalization.

Gotcha Day Party

Gotcha Day, also known as Homecoming Day, Family Day, or Adoption Day, is a commemoration of the day on which your child was adopted. It’s a celebratory day set aside each year to remind your child of how he or she was brought into you and your family member’s lives. The idea behind Gotcha Day is all about the bringing together of families – celebrating the wholeness that adoption makes possible. It speaks of the joyfulness of the adoptive parents over finally getting to hug the child they’ve been hoping to hold for years. The day also celebrates the adopted child finally finding his or her forever ho

Use Social Media

Online pregnancy and gender reveals are popular right now! When using social media, even people who do not live close to you can be a part of your adoption announcement.

  • Facebook Live is a great way to host an online announcement so everyone can participate in real time.
  • Instagram is growing in popularity for announcements with the addition of IGTV and Stories. Stories will allow you to continually update in one story line.
  • A YouTube announcementwill allow you to produce a video ahead of time and then share with your family. This digital file can even be saved so that, when your child is older, you can show it to him or her!

Adoption T-Shirts

Pregnancy shirts are super popular right now. Why not use an adoption t-shirt to share your good news? Reach out to a popular in-person or online vendor to have your custom shirt created!

Your Adoption Announcement

No matter the idea you choose for your adoption announcement, it will be a moment to remember. Don’t forget to cherish it.


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