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If I Have/Had COVID-19, Can I Still Give My Baby Up For Adoption?  

COVID 19 has taken the world by storm, and it has forced you to reevaluate how to go about life during these trying times. Like many working people, you may have accidentally contracted COVID 19. Thus, you begin facing more problems in your life that you may not have been prepared for. How can you prevent others from getting COVID 19 while working? How can you afford to pay the bills if you get laid off? Amidst the growing concerns, you are also confronted with an unplanned pregnancy. You feel as though you are not ready to be a parent, and you begin to realize that your best option is to put your child up for a private adoption in Kansas. Adoption would offer your child a loving home, and it would provide your child a life you may not be able to give them.  

Despite the many challenges brought on by COVID 19, Adoption Choices of Kansas is prepared to help you navigate the obstacle of putting your child up for a  Kansas adoption, even if you have/had COVID. However, there are certain factors to consider when putting your child up for adoption during a pandemic.  

How to Get in Contact With Our Adoption Agency in Kansas

 Amidst the ongoing pandemic, there have been many changes as to how businesses and adoption agencies near you operate. Many businesses have opted to become fully remote or in-person with certain restrictions set into place. It can be difficult to navigate these changes, but Adoption Choices of Kansas makes it easy for you, as we are operating full service and will not be shutting down operations. 

 Our staff will work hard to ensure that all your questions are answered and that every precaution is taken to ensure your child’s safety. Once you reach out to us, we will promptly respond and help cater our services to fit your needs. You can call us at 877-903-4488, text us at 316-209-2071, or contact us directly by email at the bottom of our website

 Health Concerns Regarding Adoption  

If you have contracted COVID-19, it is still possible to deliver a healthy baby. Once you deliver your baby, you have the choice as to whether or not you want your baby to room with you in the hospital. One benefit of having your baby room with you is that it makes breastfeeding easier and facilitates parent-newborn bonding. However, there are precautions to take if you decide to room with your baby:  

  • Wash your hands using soap and water for at least 20 seconds 
  • Keep your baby at least six feet away whenever possible 
  • Wear a mask when you are near your baby 

It is not likely that you will pass COVID-19 to your newborn, but it is best to prevent the possibility. However, if you are beginning to observe that you are beginning to have trouble breathing, seek emergency care immediately, as COVID-19 symptoms can range from asymptomatic to even deadly. 

If you are in isolation with your newborn child, it is best to maintain the aforementioned precautions, and if you live with other people, it is recommended by the CDC to continue wearing your mask around others. If possible, you can also consider getting a healthy, vaccinated caregiver to provide care for your newborn.  

Financial Concerns Regarding Adoption  

Not only has COVID-19 devastated families, but it has also devastated the national economy, making it difficult to pay bills on time and afford basic necessities such as groceries. For mothers like you, this may not be new news, and these issues may have made you unable to feed another mouth. Now, you are considering where to find adoption in Kansas that isn’t costly. Fortunately, Adoption Choices of Kansas provides expecting mothers with financial assistance

Financial assistance from Adoption Choices of Kansas can come in many different forms in order to fit all your different needs. You may be facing issues in regards to paying living expenses, which may include:  

  • Healthcare  
  • Transportation  
  • Rent  
  • Clothing 

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we understand how difficult it can be to cover living expenses, especially unplanned pregnancy. We will help you find the resources you will need to cover the cost.  However, during the adoption process, an Adoption Counselor will work with you every step of the way in order to ensure that your needs are being met.  

Changes in the Adoption Process  

While the world is drastically changing in response to COVID-19, many American adoptions processes have also changed.  One of the biggest changes in the way we interact with one another, as social distancing measures have been put into place to ensure the safety of everyone. However, this can be difficult when you want to get to know the family you have chosen for your baby, but there are ways to interact without meeting face-to-face. Luckily, there are many platforms and ways to communicate with one another, such as Zoom. These interactions can be a little awkward, but you can improvise by hosting a movie or by cooking together during a call.  

Another change brought on by the pandemic is virtual court appointments. Since many people are still adjusting to these drastic changes, these proceedings may be slowed down, which can lead to longer processing times. Furthermore, issues may arise during these proceedings, such as the internet cutting off or a mic suddenly not working. Understaffing in courts due to underfunding may also make it difficult for workers to process paperwork efficiently. It is important to understand that there may be complications during these proceedings, but Adoption Choices of Kansas will do its utmost to help ease the process.  

If you need adoption help now, please call us at 877-903-4488, text us at 316-209-2071, or visit us at Adoption Choices of Kansas.

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