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If I Put My Baby Up for Adoption in KS, Will My Child Hate Me? 

As a birth mother, you will experience many questions along the way on your adoption journey. Your birth child may have many questions for you as they grow up and learn more about their adoption in KS. One of the most common questions that you may be wondering is, Will my child hate me? absolutely not! This question may be on your mind, but the truth is your child may feel grateful that you gave them a chance at a better life. With the help of our local adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will sit down with you and help you answer this question and questions like this to help you explain your unique adoption story. 

  • Will My Birth Child Hate Me?

Thinking of this negative question, although this is a good thought to wonder about, the truth is your child will appreciate the hard decision to place them up for adoption in KS. This was not an easy decision for you; you chose adoption because you want what is best for you and your child. 

Now, this question may come with some fear tied to it. Still, if you choose to openly communicate with your child by choosing an open adoption or your child will get to know you and share and show the love they have for you to put your mind at ease. 

  • Will My Child Want to Get to Know Me as a Birth Mother

 If you think that your child may not want to get to know you, this is quite the opposite, as your birth child may appreciate that they will get to spend time with you and form a bond with you along the way. Your child getting to know the woman you were then and are now will make them feel proud that you are one of their mothers. 

  • Will My Birth Child be Angry with Me?

As a birth mother, you may be wondering if your birth child will be angry with you for placing them up for adoption, although this can often occur due to your child not understanding your reasons as to why you placed them up for adoption in the first place. However, with time and open communication, your child may come to accept that you only had their best interest at heart as their birth mother.

  • How will I Explain Adoption to my Child? 

Explaining adoption to your birth child may having you uneasy, lost in what to say or how to say it. Still, with the help of our adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Kansas, you can explain it in a way that feels right to you, like in a kid-friendly way using an adoption book and positive language. Taking the time to explain your adoption decision to your child will help them understand you as a birth mother and the reason behind their adoption. This will probably be one of the most important questions that they might ask you for your birth child.

 Answering Questions as a Birth Mother

You might be worried about all kinds of questions your birth child might want to ask you when the time comes. Answering these questions honestly and openly will let your child know that you do love them, but you couldn’t take care of them at that particular time in your life, so you placed them up for adoption in KS, but that you are here for them as an important figure in their life.

 Answering these questions may take some time. With the help of our adoption agency in Kansas, Adoption Choices of Kansas, your birth parent caseworker will help you be prepared to answer these questions in your own words to help your birth child fully understand their adoption as a whole. Whether you answer them in a letter, or a book, or a videotape, know that your birth child will be happy to have the answers they seek.

Advice for Adoption Birth Mothers Placing their Child for Adoption in KS

Being a part of your child’s life means having them feel connected to their biological family. As their birth mother, getting to know your child may come with many tough questions like those previously mentioned. No matter what questions they have for you, being ready to share the answers with your child someday is important. It lets your child know how loved they are. It also provides you with a chance to be completely transparent and open and let them know that they may come to you with certain things in life they may want advice on later. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas will always support you even through these hard moments in your adoption process because you are an important person to your birth child.

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Her other writing accomplishments include: winning a high school poetry competition and $2500 for her high school, having two out of her five novels be considered for publication and writing movie critic reviews for her university’s newsletter.

Although she has Cerebral Palsy and has had a turbulent childhood, Samara puts these small specs of herself into her writing to personally connect with her audience. She prides herself on pushing the boundaries in her writing and in her personal life with everything she does. Samara writes with her heart and a voice of compassion, and loves to pull from her top passions in life.

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