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I’m Pregnant Again! Can I Place My Baby with the Same Adoption Agency?  

You’re pregnant again. The second unplanned pregnancy in a row! Your living circumstances have not changed since your first unplanned pregnancy, so your mindset is still the same. You are not in a place to raise a child and do not want to be a parent. After your first adoption journey, you are well-versed in the expectations and saw your baby get placed in a loving and caring home. The agency you worked with was amazing and you’re glad you chose them! 

But now the question is: can I place my baby with the same adoption agencyWould the adoption agency work with me a second time, or would there be judgment and shame associated this time? 

I’m Pregnant Again, Help!

Discovering you are pregnant again after placing can come with a well of emotions. Guilt. Shame. Grief. Even betrayal. It can feel just as overwhelming and confusing — especially if you are in similar or the same situation as before. You don’t want to be a parent. You don’t have the resources to raise a child. You are about to graduate college or high school. Or, you are up for a promotion at work and really want to focus on your career. All of these are extremely valid reasons to consider placing your baby for adoption a second time. 

If you secretly wished to become pregnant after placing, that’s ok too. You are a woman and a birth mother. The need to mother and love a baby is not only biological but also natural. Also — if you are experiencing postpartum depression from the first placement, the thought of another baby could give you comfort.

Repeat Pregnancies and Adoptions

Unplanned pregnancies happen. You are not the first birth mother to find herself in this situation and you will not be the last! We understand that you may feel guilt or shame at finding yourself pregnant again, but rest assured — you are in good hands with us! In fact, many of the birth mothers who come through our doors have placed more than once. It’s not as uncommon or taboo as you might think.

Although we cannot make any promises, our caseworker can contact your first child’s adoptive family to see if they can adopt your second child. If not, we do what we can to make sure the siblings can still have communication with each other as they grow up. If this sounds like something you would like, or have questions or concerns about, please consult with your adoption caseworker.

Can I Place My Baby with the Same Adoption Agency?

Yes! Absolutely! Without question! Shove that shame and guilt aside and embrace your decision to give your child the best chance at life. That is what adoption is all about, after all! Your health and safety — and that of your baby’s — is our top priority and concern. It doesn’t matter to us if this is your first pregnancy or your tenth. You will be treated with respect, empathy and compassion each and every time. Our office is a safe, confidential place for you where you will never receive judgment. We are here to support you every step of the way no matter what. 

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