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I’m Pregnant, And I Don’t Want the Baby, I’m Not Excited, and That’s Okay 

You may find yourself sitting in the bathroom alone and panicking because, in your hand, you are holding a positive pregnancy test. This is a nightmare-ish scenario that many women think about, but it is happening to you right now. Alongside the panic of an unplanned pregnancy, you are feeling a thread of guilt growing inside you because you don’t want the baby. That is completely okay, and many women like you face the same problems every year. You are not alone in dealing with this, and there are many resources and support groups available that can help you through this. The most important thing to remind yourself as you deal with the assault of emotions is that you are not alone.  

Motherhood is Not for Everyone 

Despite the fact that the media and our culture shove the idea of motherhood down our throats, the fact is that motherhood is not for everyone. You may be pursuing a prolific career, and being pregnant may hinder your success or ability to be successful. You may be a student pursuing a college degree, and having a baby would not be feasible. You may find yourself financially unstable and unable to care for a baby. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, not wanting a baby is something that is okay to feel.  

Motherhood is often painted as something that is cut and dry- a simple recipe that can be followed to create a picture-perfect child. Yet, this is not the case for any mother. Motherhood is difficult, and many women find themselves out of their league when they have a child. A child requires constant attention, whether from feeding them or engaging with them, which can take a toll on a mother, who is already stretched thin from a possible job or recovering from pregnancy. There are a lot of sacrifices to be made when having a child, and if you find that you can’t give those up to be a mother, that’s okay. If you are facing a pregnancy, you have the choice to be a mother or not. If you are not feeling excited about your pregnancy, that is okay. It doesn’t make you less of a woman nor less of a human to not want a child.  

Working with Your SIgnificant Other  

When people find out that they are pregnant in many TV shows and movies, it is a moment that is filled with pure, bubbling joy and laughter, there may be a shared moment of delight between the future mother and father. However, the reality of this is often much more mellow and complicated, especially if the father of the child is unsupportive or uninvolved. The most important thing you can do if you are in a relationship and find yourself pregnant is to clearly communicate your situation to your significant other. If you haven’t decided what to do about your pregnancy, you should still talk it out with your significant other and share your thoughts.  

Suppose your significant other is unsupportive of putting your child up for adoption. In that case, there may be certain situations in which you may be able to put your child up for adoption without their consent in Kansas. However, birth father rights are regulated by elaborate state laws. In summary, the birth father has a right to contest the adoption, but he would still have to take legal steps to stop the adoption from happening. If a court determines that his rights can be terminated, then his consent for the adoption may not be needed. Whatever situation you may be in, you can always call or contact Adoption Choices of Kansas to help you through this. 

Unplanned Pregnancy Help 

There is no straightforward way to be a woman at a growing age where the definition of family and being a mother are rapidly changing. A long-standing tradition was for women to marry and eventually have children, but this dynamic is changing. Many women nowadays opt to have children later or not have any at all. Regardless, a woman has a choice to choose whether or not to have a child, and this still applies to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. For many women facing an unplanned pregnancy, which may be you, there are many resources available to help you through these trying times, especially if it is unplanned. You may be looking up “adoption agencies near me” on Google and finding yourself overwhelmed with the results. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we make it easy for you to find an avenue for putting your child up for adoption.  

Private Wichita Adoption  

One of the many benefits of choosing to work with Adoption Choices of Kansas, besides our diligent staff, is that we are a private adoption agency. This means you get to work with our staff in order to facilitate the process of adoption. To be more specific, you schedule a meeting with our Birth Parent Counselor, and afterward, you work with the counselor in order to create an adoption plan for your child. One of the best things about choosing a private adoption is that you get to choose the family you want your child to grow up with. Your Birth Parent Counselor will help you choose by providing you many family profiles that you can look over before you make a final decision. By choosing adoption with Adoption Choices of Kansas, you are not only giving yourself an opportunity but an opportunity for your child as well.  

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