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I’m Pregnant: What Do I Do? Three Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy in Kansas

You’ve probably seen this on pamphlets at a clinic or doctor’s office, “I’m Pregnant, Now What?” Well, now you are pregnant, so what can you do? What should you do? Panic is a perfectly natural response to an unplanned pregnancy, so step away from Google for a second and take the biggest and deepest breath you’ve taken all day — maybe all week. You have options. You have choices, and, most importantly, you are not alone.

Adoption Choices of Kansas has the resources and experts to answer every question and concern you have, so you can feel confident and informed when looking at options for an unplanned pregnancy

Disclaimer: Please remember that although we are an adoption agency, everything within this blog post is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not meant to not coax you into a specific decision. 

Option One: Parenting

Choosing to parent your child may be the best option for you. Parenting isn’t for everyone, and it may not be in your wheelhouse, and that’s okay! If you are considering being a parent, here are some important questions to think about:

  • Can I support myself and my child? It’s important to consider child care needs, maternity leave, doctors, etc. Babies are expensive and can be a substantial financial burden. Can you feed your baby and yourself?
    • Can I bring my baby into a safe environment? If you’re living on your own, is there someone that can help you? If you’re living with other people, make sure you discuss with them what it might mean to bring a baby into the shared space. If you’re not in a safe space, is there somewhere you can go? 
  • Am I ready and do I want to be a parent? You always hear people say you’re never really ready to be a parent. While that is true, it’s still a valid question to ask yourself, along with whether or not you want to be a parent. 

Option Two: Terminating the Pregnancy

Terminating a pregnancy is a lofty decision, and you should be as informed as possible about your body, medical rights, and abortion options. Be sure you are aware of the available procedures, risks, and the physical and emotional impact. You should go into it having every ounce of knowledge you are entitled to. 

Do note that abortion laws and availability vary by state. Abortion is legal in Kansas, but, it is banned at 20 weeks. There may be certain limited exceptions depending on circumstances. Additionally, abortion in Kansas is restricted or prohibited under most insurance and requires a 24-hour waiting period between counseling and the procedure. 

Option Three: Adoption

With an unplanned pregnancy, we know you have concerns and a whole lot of questions. Helping women through the adoption process is what we do, and so many have been in your position. We know what you’re thinking;

  • I’ve seen the movies, and adoption seems so cold. Adoption doesn’t have to be as archaic as you may have envisioned it in your head. No one expects you to give birth and have your baby whisked away never seen or heard from again. You are in control of the adoption journey and have the option of picking the adoptive parents that you feel best fit you and your child. You can even meet with them and keep in touch as much or as little as you want. Check out our how-to guide including the steps involved in the adoption process. 
  • I don’t think I could afford it — especially all of the doctor appointments. The financial burden of having a child can be a heavy-weighing factor in considering adoption. You’re already struggling physically; you shouldn’t have to struggle financially. Your adoption counselor will help you with determining expenses and how to get the financial assistance you need. We can also help you apply for Medicaid to ensure you’re receiving proper medical care throughout your pregnancy.
  • What about housing? You shouldn’t have to worry about having a safe place to stay. That’s why we help birth mothers find and afford housing so they can sleep soundly.  
  • This seems like a lot. It is. Deciding to place your baby for adoption is not an easy decision or an easy road. We have counselors that will be by your side through birth and after placement for comfort and emotional support. 

We know you have more questions about adoption, so please visit our FAQ page for more answers to your frequently asked questions. 

What to Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy in Kansas

Again, remember you’re not alone. We’re here to answer your questions and walk with you through this. It’s not an easy choice, and you don’t have to make it by yourself. It’s okay to cry, say a lot of curse words, or scream into a pillow. Everything you’re feeling is valid and real. Just remember to breathe deep, and maybe do some yoga or take a walk. 

Knowledge is power! Do your research, ask questions, address your concerns — whatever you need to do. You have options. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t have to mean the end of your world. 

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