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Infertility Journal: Baby or Not Here We Grow

By Lindsay Parkoo

Are you struggling with the emotions associated with finding out you or your partner is infertile? Are you afraid to share these feelings out of fear of judgment or shame? Do you feel lost on what to do, how to feel, or how to heal? What you need is an outlet to help you cope, plan how to move forward, and track your mental health.

That’s where the Infertility Journal: Baby or Not Here We Grow by More Choices Publications comes in. 

More Choices Publications is a subset of Marketing Choices. We aim to make journals, books, and other products that assist in parental education and mental health. This includes adoption surrogacy, foster care, fertility, and infertility. More Choices’ current projects include e-training videos on adoption, therapeutic services, and of course, our infertility journal series. Our team collaborates with professionals to bring you special products to help you. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Let’s talk a bit more about infertility. 

The Factual and Emotional Sides of Infertility

Infertility is an unfortunately common disease that has affected men and women for years. In fact, according to the CDC, “1 in 5 are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying.” There are more than 200,000 infertility cases in the United States per year, and the causes vary. No one factor causes infertility in either men or women, and it is harder to explain why. In vitro fertilization has been a helpful way to treat infertility problems. More than 5 million children are born worldwide from IVF treatment, according to the World Health Organization. 

Those are the facts of infertility, but the emotional side is harder for most to talk about. There’s a sense of devastating grief and loss that couples go through when they find out they can’t conceive. There’s emotional distress, anxiety, and shame associated with it as well, especially for women. You might feel confused about where to go from here as well, and it can be hard to plan for the future. During this time, it’s important to maintain good mental health and take care of yourself. 

So, how do you or your partner cope with infertility? Maybe journaling might help.

How can an Infertility Journal Help?

Journaling helps release stress and lets out your thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. When things seem out of your control, journaling can help you feel safe in the chaos. You learn more about yourself and your mental health by writing down your private thoughts. Journaling can also be empowering in its way. That goes back to gaining a sense of control when you feel like you have none. 

An infertility journal specifically caters to your journey dealing with infertility. It’s also a great way to track your progress with treatment and check in on your mental health. Journaling is also an outlet free of judgment. You don’t have to show your journal to anyone if you so choose. You can even share the infertility journal with your partner and work on it together. This can help you build a closer, stronger bond through this difficult time. 

Infertility Journal: Baby or Not Here We Grow and What’s in It

Inside the Infertility Journal, you’ll find guided prompts made to help you heal and care for yourself during this time. This journal helps you acknowledge your feelings and your infertility and face your fears and grief in a heartfelt way. You’re provided with a safe, judgment-free space that allows you to process your emotions and thoughts. Through this journal, you’ll learn to be kinder to yourself and slowly but surely find the courage to keep trying.

There are several prompts for every stage of infertility, trackers for IVF treatment, and appointments. You’ll find mental health check-in pages as well. Spread throughout the journal are reminders of encouragement as well as inspirational quotes for when you need them. There’s no right or wrong way to use the journal. You can share your story in full or just your day-to-day thoughts and feelings. Each page is specialized for whatever you might need to feel better day after day. 

Grab a Copy of the Infertility Journal Today!

There’s no one way to deal with infertility; however, having the Infertility Journal can ease you in the process. You’ll find it easier to face each day of your infertility with a journal that is made with care. Check out the Infertility Journal on Amazon. For more resources and information about infertility journals, make sure to check out More Choices Publication.

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