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Is it Ever Too Late to Choose Adoption? 

By: Victoria Chan

Adoption, before or after birth, is never an easy choice to make. It becomes significantly harder when you make the decision to put your child up for adoption when they’re a few months old or even a few years old. You might be wondering if it is ever too late to choose adoption for your child. There is no deadline to put your child up for adoption because there is no right or wrong time to place your child up for a Wichita adoption. There are many reasons as to why you may choose to put your child up for adoption, and you may be worried about the whole process. However, putting your child up for adoption will provide them a loving and caring home, and at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will be there at every step of your private adoption in Kansas. You get to decide when to put your child up for adoption because the decision is, ultimately, up to you, and we will provide support with our staff.  

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 Is a Kansas Adoption Right for You?  

After giving birth to your child, or maybe even after a few years of raising your child, you begin to realize that you cannot take care of your child. This may be because of financial difficulties, or you begin to realize that motherhood is not right for you. However, you still want to provide the best for your child, and that might mean placing them up for adoption. Placing your child up for adoption can provide them a better future as well as providing an adoptive parent(s) a chance to fulfill their dreams of creating a family. When placing your child up for adoption in Kansas, it is important to consider certain factors, such as age and adoption laws.  

 According to Kansas law, for an older child adoption, the adoptee must be at least ten years older than the child being adopted. Please speak to your adoption caseworker or legal adviser for more information. This can limit the pool of adoptive families for your child, but it will ensure that your child will live in a safe and happy environment. Your ability to place your child up for adoption is dependent on your situation, and we will help you navigate the process with our counselors. We also provide free counseling if you are deciding whether or not adoption is right for you. 

The Difference in Adoption Before Birth and After Birth Adoptions in Kansas 

Many parents often have plans for adoption prior to giving birth, but sometimes, adoption plans don’t come to mind until after the child is born. If your child is less than 72-hours old, you may be able to drop off your child at a designated facility without the fear of being prosecuted for abandoning your child. Adoption Choices of Kansas is a Safe Baby Haven drop-off point. You are also able to get in contact with a counselor to help you with the process, and you are allowed to remain anonymous, no questions asked. If you are planning to place your newborn baby up for adoption, there are many adoptive parents to choose from. 

Placing an infant or toddler up for adoption is a possibility that you can consider, albeit the process for adoption of a toddler is slightly different from that of a newborn. One such difference is that the adoption agency needs a birth certificate and medical history of the toddler in order to facilitate the process. Choosing to put your toddler up for adoption at this stage is also much different from putting up a newborn for adoption because, by this point, the toddler is able to form emotional connections. 

 How to Choose an Adoptive Family 

The Kansas adoption process is already arduous, with time spent talking to an attorney and making arrangements. It can be stressful, especially since you want your child to have the best home possible. While a lot of factors may seem out of your control, like an unplanned pregnancy, you can feel empowered because you have the ultimate decision as to who gets to adopt your child. You can even choose to create a post-placement contact agreement between you and the adoptive parents, which will keep you in contact with your child until they turn 18.  

One thing to consider is that all prospective parent(s) looking to adopt will have to go through a home study process, which ensures that the prospective home for a child will be a safe and stable home. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will ensure that your child will find the best possible home, regardless of their age. Suppose you are in a tight financial situation. In that case, you can rest assured that giving up your child as the birth parent is always free and that financial assistance is available for some of your pregnancy-related expenses. 

How Adoption Choices of Kansas Can Support You 

As another, making the decision to put your child up for adoption is no easy decision, and it can be overwhelming to deal with the onslaught of emotions during and after the adoption process. However, you are not alone in the process. Adoption Choices of Kansas provides counseling for before and after adoptions to help you adjust. It is expected that the journey will be emotional, but our adoption agency will provide you with the appropriate resources in order to work through these emotions in a healthy and effective way. Additionally, Adoption Choices of Kansas provides financial support for expecting mothers as well as parents looking to adopt. Our website provides a plethora of adoption grants, loans, and fundraisers in order to help anyone in need of financial assistance looking to adopt. 

Most importantly, Adoption Choices of Kansas would like to reassure you that you are not alone in this process. Our dedicated caseworkers will work with you through the adoption process and beyond the adoption process for all your emotional needs. Call us at (316) 209-2071 to learn more about all our counseling services. 

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