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It’s Never Too Late to Choose Adoption for Your Baby

By Janae Pabon

To some people, adoption may seem like an important choice that is decided in advance and planned for months. However, this is not always the case – this decision doesn’t always have to be made when a woman finds out she has an unexpectant pregnancy or even months before her due date. As an expectant mother, you have the ability to decide to choose adoption for your baby at any point in the pregnancy. Of course, adoption is still an extremely important choice that takes thought, but the decision does not have to be made months before you give birth.

We understand it may be nerve-wracking to make this decision without looking up “adoption agencies near me” or reading through the process of adoption beforehand. However, if you have thought it through and decided at the last minute that adoption is the right choice for your baby, you’re making the right decision. We will explain all the steps that will unfold from there. It is never too late to place your baby for adoption!

If you decide to choose adoption for your baby late in your pregnancy or even in the hospital, Adoption Choices of Kansas will be able to provide immediate help. The first step you should take to begin the adoption process is to contact us, so we can connect you with one of our adoption agencies.

How Adoption Works in Kansas 

Placing your baby for adoption in Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence, or any other city in the state is a straightforward process that a Birth Parent Counselor will help guide you through. Even if you choose to place your baby for adoption in Kansas at the last minute, you will still be able to work through these steps to complete your adoption – just at a different pace. 

The standard adoption process in Kansas, after you contact us, will proceed with a few clear steps: 

Step 1: Schedule Your First Meeting

This is where you will meet your Birth Parent Counselor, who will get to know you and your circumstances. They can come to you, or you can meet with them online or over the phone. 

Step 2: Create your Adoption Plan

You will fill out paperwork that answers questions and creates a guideline for your adoption. This includes the kind of adoption you would like and all the criteria you would like the adoptive family to meet. You will also dictate how much and what kind of contact you would like with the adoptive family and your baby.

Step 3: Search Through and Select an Adoptive Family

You will review all the pre-screened and pre-approved families that are looking to adopt a baby! Your counselor will show you your options, and when you are matched with one, you will begin receiving support. From here, you can meet the family if you choose to.

Step 4: The Birth

You will create a birth plan, similar to the adoption plan, which outlines guidelines and your personal desires for your birth. Your counselor will also help with this. The adoptive family will leave the hospital with the baby after whatever time you have indicated in your birth plan that you would like to spend with the baby. You will give your final consent before the adoptive family takes the baby home. 

Step 5: Post-Placement Support

Depending on your previously outlined adoption plan, you can maintain contact with the adoptive family and receive financial support for 6 weeks after delivery. You will also have access to counseling and emotional support resources. 

If you decide to place your baby for adoption last minute, do not worry! The above steps will still apply, just at a different pace. When contacting us, you will still be connected with a Birth Parent Counselor who will help you through these steps.

Of course, you will not have received financial help previous to the birth, but you still will be able to receive support and resources after the delivery. You will also still be able to plan for the exact kind of adoption and relationship you would like to have with the baby and adoptive family. If you make the decision in the hospital, you may be unable to make a formal birth plan. However, you will still be able to dictate your needs during birth and what happens post-birth.

We want to make it clear that you will still be in complete control of the adoption and choosing an adoptive family, even with a last-minute adoption. 

Benefits of Private Adoption with Adoption Choices

There are many benefits to choosing a private adoption with us. Private adoption allows you to dictate all your desires for the adoption itself and for the birth. You are also able to review and choose which adoptive family to place your baby in, which isn’t always the case with public adoption, or within the foster system.

It is Never Too Late for Adoption 

As an expectant mother, you are able to place your baby for adoption in Kansas at any time. If you’re weeks away from labor, it’s not too late. Even if you’re in the hospital bed, it’s not too late! One of our adoption agencies near you will be able to help you through this process without hesitation. We will also never judge you – at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we are proud of you for making this difficult but important decision for your baby. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-391-4904.

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