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Kansas Adoption Process from Birth Mother’s Perspective with Adoption Choices of Kansas

Unplanned pregnancy can be shocking. You may be wondering what your next step is. Adoption is typically the first option that comes to mind and can be a difficult process. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we understand what you’re going through and can help inform you about the adoption process.

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Deciding if Adoption is Right for You

The most important step will be your adoption process. You will determine if adoption is the right path for you. Talk to your adoption counselor and decide which option is best for you and your child. You can also take a look at our website for more information about our other options at Adoption Choices of Kansas. There is no judgment or pressure for you to worry about. We are here to help you plan out your adoption.

What is adoption? Adoption is willing to legally take care of another’s child and bring it up as one of their own. Adoption is a beautiful option, and we ensure each child goes to a happy home. You get to choose the adoptive family for your child. The adoption agency is more than happy to go over your Kansas adoption options for you to choose from for your child’s well-being.

Options for Adoption in Kansas

New mother’s having an unplanned pregnancy need to look through and choose from an adoption plan that best fits for your child. The plan you choose will be based on how much you wish to be in your child’s life. If you choose to have an open adoption plan, you can maintain a relationship with your child and their future. This gives you the freedom to have visitation.

Your adoption plan consists of an open, semi-open, or closed adoption plan. As mentioned before, an open adoption gives you the ability to have a relationship with your child and be in their life as they grow up. A semi-open adoption plan is mixed between a closed and open adoption. Semi-open adoption is usually more private, with less communication and indirect contact with one another. Communication is within the adoption agency. Lastly, a closed adoption plan doesn’t give you the ability to have a relationship with your child.

Discuss all your options thoroughly with your adoption counselor. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to provide you with all the appropriate information needed prior to your adoption process.

Deciding on Your Adoptive Family

 When choosing the adoptive family for your child, you’ll choose a family you think is best to take care of and raise your child. Your adoption agency can work with you to choose the right family. We can help you narrow down your options. After interviewing possible adoptive families, you can finally choose which family you want for your child. You can then sit with the family and discuss the plan you want for the adoptive family.

Giving Baby up for Adoption

Since adoption is a legal process, you will need an attorney. The adoptive family will hire an attorney to make up a legal consent for the adoption forms before moving forward. Adoption Choices of Kansas can help guide and support you along the way.

Birthing Process Prior to Adoption

After all the planning you did for your child, the moment is here. It’s time to deliver your baby. This was a long process, but now you’ve picked the adoptive family and ensured that your baby would be going to a great home!

It’s okay to be emotional during this time. After you deliver your baby, you still have control over how much time you wish to spend with your baby in the hospital. The adoption agency will be with you every step of the way for your birth and hospital stay.

Kansas City Adoptions

Now that you’ve prepared yourself for the Kansas adoption process, you can check in with your local adoption agency. It won’t be an easy process, but Adoption Choices of Kansas will be here to help plan out your adoption process with you and ensure your baby is going to a safe home. Every day is a time to celebrate when you’re adopting a child and bringing them into your life!

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