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Kansas Adoption When the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

Having an unplanned pregnancy can be scary. You may feel alone through this discovery, especially if you have little to no support around you. Support can come in various ways, such as through family, friends, or a partner. However, having no support from a partner can be the most upsetting out of all these factors, especially if they are the father of your child. 

You may have an unsupportive partner through your pregnancy, such as not understanding what decisions you want to make considering your pregnancy and child. You may not even know who the birth father is, which can cause further feelings of loneliness through this process. Whatever the case may be, know that you will always have support through Adoption Choices of Kansas, if not anyone else.

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Having an Unknown Birth Father

Having a pregnancy and not knowing who the father is can create a sense of loneliness and lack of support. If you are going through this scenario, it is important to find a support system through either family or friends, as it is very hard to go through pregnancy all alone. However, not everyone is able to have support through family and friends, as they may not agree with the unplanned pregnancy, which furthers the feelings of loneliness. This is where Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to be your support system when it feels like no one else is. You may talk to our adoption caseworkers to help guide you through not just the adoption process but the emotional process as well in an unplanned pregnancy with an unknown birth father. Know that you are not alone, as this scenario is not uncommon, and we are equipped with knowledge and experience to help you through this time. You can find a friend in us, and we will do our best to make you feel the happiest and most comfortable throughout your adoption journey. 

Having an Unsupportive Birth Father

Having an unsupportive birth father can cause the already stressful pregnancy to become more stressful. Sometimes the birth father may not agree with your choices and vision that you want for your life, and this can make the process harder for you. Here are some scenarios in which the birth father may not align with what you envision for your life: 

  • The Birth Father Not Wanting to Give up the Baby for Adoption

A scenario in which the birth father may be unsupportive is if you have an unplanned pregnancy and he does not want to place the baby up for adoption. This may occur if there are differences in opinions and feelings about having a child or different life expectations. You may see yourself somewhere else at this moment in time which is why you may be considering adoption. However, your partner may be in a different phase of his life and ready for a child. Either way, this scenario can cause much tension and upset, especially because you are the one carrying the child. To you, it may feel like it is fully your choice and right to decide what to do with your child, as it is your body and your pregnancy. However, it is also important to take into account the desires of your partner, as it is his child as well, despite you being the one to carry the child.

  • The Birth Father Wanting to Give the Baby up for Adoption

Another scenario you may encounter with an unsupportive birth father is if you have an unexpected pregnancy and he wants to place the baby up for adoption, but you don’t. This can be a make-or-break moment for your relationship with him, as being pregnant and wanting to keep the child is very emotional to go through if your partner is willing you not to keep the child. Giving up a child that you want to keep may cause long-term feelings of resentment and grief, as you may feel like you made one of the biggest decisions in your life for someone else rather than for yourself. Reconsider if it is more worth it to stay in a relationship while placing your child for adoption to make your partner happy, or if it is more worth it to keep your child knowing that your partner would not be happy with this decision and possibly risk losing him. A good technique to help process these thoughts and feelings is to make a list of the possible pros and cons and see which outweighs the other. 

Resources To Get Support for an Adoption in Kansas

If you or your partner is hesitant about pursuing adoption, Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to reassure you that we will always do our best to keep your child in good hands. It is natural to have concerns and feelings of guilt when considering adoption. We want to create the best environment for your child and their well-being, as well as fulfill all of your wants and needs for them and your life as well. If you and your partner, or just you, decide to pursue adoption, we guarantee that you will have the freest will in decision-making for yourself and your child. This includes being able to choose the adoptive family and what type of adoption you would like (Open, semi-open, or closed), so it can fit into your life in the most optimal way.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to one of our adoption caseworkers today. 

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