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Kansas Celebrates National Sons and Daughters Day

As a new mom, we want the best for our child’s well-being. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to remind you that an open adoption option plan gives you the opportunity to maintain a close relationship with your child. The adoptive parents will be a part of your life and your child’s life as well, but did you know there’s a day for both the birth mom and adoptive family to celebrate their son or daughter? It’s called National Sons and Daughters Day.

This is a time to celebrate! You are celebrating the day you decided to become a parent and provided them with a loving home. Precious moments we spend with our children are the best times. Kids grow up fast, and we wish they could stay small all the time. Your son and daughter are grateful to have you as parents.

Parents spend time honoring their kids by posting pictures and stories on social media to celebrate this special day. Birth mothers and adoptive families may want to take the child out for the day to celebrate. Each day spent with your child means the world to them.

There are adoptive families that are on a waiting list for a baby all the time, and the day they get to become parents is life-changing for them. National Sons and Daughters Day gives the adoptive family a day for them to celebrate the miracle that came into their lives.

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