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KS Adoption Birth Plan: What it is and How to Create One

By Janae Pabon

One of the most important steps in the adoption process is creating an adoption birth plan. If you are an expectant mother who is new to adoption, you may not know what an adoption hospital plan, or birth plan, is. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we will make sure you understand everything about this step in the adoption process. 

If you live in Kansas and have been considering adoption, searching for “adoption agencies near me,” and trying to do as much research as you can, you may be feeling overwhelmed. It may feel like there are so many directions you can go. One of the beauties of the adoption process is that you are able to create plans that dictate the parameters of the adoption and your birth. A birth plan allows you to choose the preferences you have for your birth, and it grants you complete control over them to relieve any stress about uncertainties.

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What is an Adoption Birth Plan? 

An adoption birth plan, by definition, is a written plan that outlines your preferences during and after labor and delivery. You have complete control over the plan; it can be as simple as you want, or you can outline many preferences. It is up to you and your comfort level. Facing an unexpected pregnancy is scary enough, and you don’t need last-minute decisions to cause you any extra stress. 

When we connect you with one of our adoption agencies and pair you with a Birth Parent Counselor, they will assist you through the adoption process. This also includes working with you to formulate a hospital plan. 

Benefits of an Adoption Hospital Plan

An adoption hospital plan is an important part of the adoption process for multiple reasons:

  1. A hospital plan makes sure you know all the possibilities of what may happen so you don’t have to make any last-minute decisions  
  2. It makes sure you are comfortable and know exactly how the birth will be set up 
  3. A birth plan prepares those who will be taking care of you, like nurses and other close friends or family members, to know your desires for the birth ahead of time so they can better help you

What Does a Birth Plan Look Like?

As mentioned before, a birth plan is unique to you. It can be as simple as possible or full of preferences. However, it is important that you know what questions to ask yourself about the birth so that the plan can cover everything that you may personally want to plan for. 

Some basic decisions that you want to include in your plan include the hospital you will give birth, which your doctor will be, and whether you want a vaginal or C-section birth. Also, the choice to use pain medication or not is important to decide beforehand.

There are other preferences to consider surrounding the birth itself. You want to dictate first who you want present in the room and who you trust to be there to support you. You may want friends, a partner, your family, or the adoptive family to be there for you. Other specifics about the birth can include if you want music to be playing, if you want your birth recorded, etc. The possibilities of what you want to occur during the process are endless.

In your hospital plan, you will want to outline preferences for what happens post-birth. It is your choice if you want to hold your baby right after you give birth and how much time you want to spend with them. You may want to visit the baby in the hospital after you recover, or you may want to part from your baby immediately after labor. 

As you can see, there are so many preferences that you have the opportunity to outline in your birth plan – these are only a handful of examples. We also know that it may be difficult to make all these important decisions at once. A counselor will help you work through this birth plan at your own pace. We start early so that you have plenty of time to make these decisions before you go into labor. 

Adoption Choices of Kansas Will Help You With Your Unplanned Pregnancy in Kansas

An important step in completing an adoption in Kansas is the formation of a birth plan. It is important to lay out your preferences before birth so everything goes smoothly. One of our Birth Parent Counselors from an adoption agency near you will help you outline everything that you would like to include. 

If you are considering adoption in Wichita or Kansas City, we have offices near you! And if you’re located in any other city in Kansas, we will still be able to come to you or talk to you over the phone. Reach out to us at Adoption Choices of Kansas, and we will help you through the entire adoption process, including creating your adoption birth plan. 

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