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LGBTQ+ Adoption FAQ With an Adoption Agency

The world around us is slowly but surely becoming more accepting and tolerant. Throughout the last few decades, same-sex marriage and adoption have become more and more popular and widely known. If you’re new to the adoption world you may have some questions about how an LGBTQ+ adoption works. How does it work? Is it legal? Is it the same as a heterosexual adoption? Adoption is still a concept people have a hard time separating from its stigmas and misconceptions and an even harder time with LGBTQ+ adoption.

If you’re curious about how a same-sex couple’s adoption works with an adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Kansas has you covered.  There are concerns that birth mothers in adoption will overlook same-sex couples, but that’s not the case.  Same-sex couples are more likely to adopt than their heterosexual counterparts. Additionally, more and more birth mothers are choosing to place their babies with same-sex couples.

If you’re interested in placing your baby with same-sex couples, you probably have some questions and concerns, and that’s okay! We work with hundreds of birth mothers and know there’s a lot to think about. These are just a few examples of frequently asked about LGBTQ+ adoption.

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  • How Do I Pick an Adoption Agency That Shared My Beliefs?

While it is entirely legal for a same-sex couple to adopt, adoption agencies can refuse their services if it goes against the agency’s religion or moral convictions. Because of this, it’s important to understand the beliefs of the agency you work with. Adoption Choices of Kansas Adoption Choices of Kansas never judges or treats you differently based on age, sexuality, gender, or life situation. You should feel safe and taken care of with your adoption agency.

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, be sure you will be provided the same resources and support as everyone else. An unplanned pregnancy is hard enough without dealing with discrimination and prejudice. If you want to place your baby with an LGTBQ+ couple, be sure to do your research and ask questions.

  • Is the Adoption Process Longer for LGBTQ+ Couples?

Understandably, same-sex couples fear it may be more difficult adopting than opposite-sex couples. For Kansas adoption agencies like Adoption Choices of Kansas, every couple is treated the same. In general, adoption is a long process. There are background checks, screenings, medical checks, etc. All hopeful adoptive parents are treated the same. No one is given priority, and everyone has the same opportunity to be seen by a birth mother looking at families.

  • Does Being Raised by LGBTQ+ Couples Affect the Child?

This topic has been long debated over the last several years. Research has shown that children raised by same-sex couples show no differences from those raised by opposite-sex couples. Whatever they grow up with is their normal and does not negatively impact them. Most importantly, being raised by a same-sex couple will not make the child gay. Heterosexual or not, as long as they love and nurture the child. If anything, the child will grow up to be more open ad accepting of others.

  • Is There Anything I Should Know Going into Considering an LGBTQ+ Adoption?

It’s hard to predict how any situation will play out in adoption. Things can go wrong, and there can be bumps in the road. Always be prepared for Murphy’s Law to come in full force. Not everyone is openly accepting of the idea of same-sex parents, and there may be some backlash from those around you. Adoption on its own can cause some turmoil in families, so be aware of the possibility of added tension. However, the world is growing around us, and more and more people are becoming accepting and tolerant.

In the same vein, parents often worry about kids with two moms or two dads being bullied at school. It’s unfortunate, but kids will tease each other about just about anything. Wearing glasses, being too smart, not being smart enough, not being athletic, etc., the list goes on. Any parent should prepare themselves for the inevitable tears from kids being jerks for silly reasons. The LGBT community has been facing bullying and prejudice for years, so they are well-prepared for these types of things.

What are the Laws for LGBTQ+ Adoption?

Ever since the marriage equality act of 2015, same-sex couples have been able to marry and adopt in Kansas. Married same-sex couples will follow the same process as any heterosexual couple wanting to adopt. The adoption process is made infinitely easier with an agency like Adoption Choices of Kansas. There can be some hiccups if the couple is unmarried, looking at adopting another country, etc. However, there are a lot of ways around it.

If you’re pregnant in Kansas and considering an LGBTQ+ adoption, reach out to an adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Kansas. Gender and sexuality aside, you want someone to love and care for your baby the way you would. Adoption is more than a solution to an unplanned pregnancy, it’s the opportunity for a hopeful couple to start or complete their family. Would you consider choosing an LGBTQ couple or family to place your baby with? Would you consider only looking at LGBTQ families?

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