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Can I Still Get Pregnant Adoption Help if I Use Drugs and Alcohol?

Yes, even if your baby has been exposed to drugs or alcohol, adoption is still an option you can consider. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we understand that becoming a mother can be overwhelming and that you may not be ready to become a mother yet. We also understand that you might not want to become a mother, and that’s okay. An adoption is an option you can consider because it will provide your child with a loving family and a safe home for them to grow up in. 

Pregnancy is a time in your life that can be very delicate. Everything you do will impact your baby, which means that what you eat becomes very important. In addition, pregnancy means that you have to start thinking about the baby that is growing inside of you. You will never be judged or disregarded for your choices but we will offer support and guidance to address any drug or alcohol issues you are facing through your pregnancy. 

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The Risks of Using Drugs During Pregnancy

Drug usage, in general, can be very dangerous and have adverse effects on your body, but when you are pregnant, drug usage not only impacts your health but the health of your baby as well. As such, it is recommended that you stop drug and alcohol usage during your pregnancy.

Some of the risks involved with using drugs during pregnancy are increased risk of anemia and sexually transmitted diseases, birth defects, and even a miscarriage. Many pregnant women who use drugs don’t realize that the drug can pass through the placenta and have a harmful effect on their baby. As such, drug usage is extremely dangerous, and sometimes a drug-using mother can birth a child that is addicted to drugs. 

If you have been exposed to drugs during your pregnancy, you can still choose to stop. A woman who stops using drugs in her first trimester can increase her chances of having a healthy child. While it may seem like you are completely alone in your situation, it is important to realize that many pregnant women have exposed themselves to drugs during their pregnancy, so there are many resources out there to give you the pregnant adoption help you need. 

Fetal Alcohol Exposure 

During your pregnancy, you are literally connected to your baby via the umbilical cord, so almost everything that enters your body will be shared with your baby. Many women continue to drink in their first trimester because they don’t even realize they are pregnant, but this can have severe consequences. Alcohol consumption in the first trimester can be fatal for the baby, so it is best that if you have the smallest suspicion that you are pregnant, you should stop drinking at once. 

When you consume alcohol while you are pregnant, you expose your child to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), which are physical conditions that may occur because of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. These conditions are often physical problems and issues with learning and behavior. A child with FASD may have:

  • Low body weight
  • Learning disability
  • Abnormal facial features 
  • Small head size

However, all of these symptoms are preventable if you stop drinking during your pregnancy. Even if you have been drinking during your unplanned pregnancy, you can still prevent FASD because brain growth happens throughout your pregnancy. Therefore, the sooner you choose to stop drinking, the better it is for the growth of your baby. 

Looking for the Right Pregnant Adoption Help During a Kansas Adoption

If you are a mother that has used drugs or has consumed alcohol during your pregnancy, you may feel as though you are hopeless. You may feel as though you are unable to take care of your baby and that you can’t possibly consider adoption. The good news is that an adoption is still an option for you, even if you have exposed yourself to drugs and alcohol.

The families who are waiting to adopt a child have been educated on drug usage and alcohol consumption, so they understand that the child they may adopt may have certain needs that need to be met. A child that has been exposed to drugs and alcohol has no less of a chance of being adopted. An adoption is always an option, especially if you understand that you cannot take care of your baby. 

If you are afraid of informing your birth parent counselor about your history with alcohol or drugs, don’t be. Keeping your birth parent counselor informed about your history will enable them to find the best family match for your baby so that they can receive all the care they need. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

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