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Misconceptions About Adoption in Kansas

By Mohammed Ahmad

When giving up your child for adoption, there may be a lot of heavy misconceptions surrounding you. The ignorance from the media has developed a bias around the idea of adoption. Society thinks that most kids placed in adoption are by teen mothers. This is quite the contrary, as a diverse group of expectant mothers have experienced this process. 

In multiple unfortunate cases, birth mothers must place their children up for adoption. This may include drug addiction, personal challenges, trouble with the law, and providing a brighter future for their child. The misconceptions of adoption come from a bias of thinking the birth mother is careless. The birth mother does what she knows best for her child. If a birth mother knows she cannot give her child what they deserve, that is a selfless statement. 

However, most birth mothers place their children up for adoption to better their future and needs. Adoption is sometimes a necessary outlet for children and birth mothers who cannot take on the role. Birth mothers can construct an adoption plan suited for them. They are informed entirely about who their child’s new family is. Adoption in Kansas is pretty open. Single parents or joint couples can adopt. Of course, you must be an adult and fill out the appropriate application. There are many adoption options in the state of Kansas. Ensure you go with an agency you are comfortable with as the birth mother. 

As an adoptive parent, you must prepare yourself for the adoption process. Take the time to do research and inform yourself about the process. Another great tool is to go through a home study checklist. A home study checklist includes training courses, background checks, and records submission. This process ensures that you are eligible for adoption as an adoptive parent. 

Adoption Misconceptions in Kansas and Breaking Down Myths

There are many misconceptions about the adoption process. These include adoption being expensive, birth mothers being teenage drug addicts, and never seeing your child again. Birth mothers have a say in how they want the process to go for their child. Their needs must be met just as much as the adoptive parents. Birth mothers also get to choose to keep contact with their children post-adoption. Maintaining contact with your child as the birth mother is something to discuss with the adoptive parents. 

The truth is adoption can be expensive. There are many things to keep in mind, including hospital bills. Transportation, etc.,. But the most significant thing to remember is that Adoption Choices of Kansas helps with your financial needs. Adoption Choices of Kansas assists with helping adoptive parents sign up for Medicaid and assistance programs. 

Another daunting misconception is that birth mothers are simply teenagers and drug addicts. This is just not the case. All birth mothers living in Kansas come from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings and carry different stories. Placing a toxic misconception that belittles them to teenage drug addicts is harmful and untrue. Enforcing these toxic misconceptions about birth mothers, demonizes the adoption process. It further instills fear and doubt in birth mothers making selfless decisions for their children.

People may also think that adoption is something you will regret. While I am sure many birth mothers feel guilty and sad, this is not entirely true. The adoption process has benefited many families and given them so much hope. It benefits the birth mother to work on herself and build a quality life. Adoption helps families with the inability to have a child raise one of their own. Ultimately, adoption is an incredible thing that strengthens and benefits both parties.

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