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Newborn Adoption vs. Infant Adoption: What is the Difference?  

If you decide to pursue adoption for your child, what’s the difference between placing them for adoption as a newborn or waiting a few months to a year while they are an infant? Fortunately, Adoption Choices of Kansas has done the research for you, so you can find all you need right here in this article.

When hearing the terms “newborn adoption” and “infant adoption,” you may have put them in the same category, as most people have. But, since you are now becoming a birth mother, you might have realized that there is an actual difference. This article will dig into what the difference between newborn adoption vs. Infant adoptions are.

Infant Adoption

Although this process isn’t done as often, infant adoption is encouraged if you are unsure of whether you would like to raise the child. The time can give you a glimpse into parenthood, and allow you to make an informed decision. Infant adoption can take place when the child is between one to twelve months old.

There has been some confusion in the past about whether this process is legal. The answer is yes, it most certainly is. No matter how old your child is, if you feel that at any point you aren’t physically, mentally or financially stable to be a parent, that’s okay. Adoption Choices of Kansas can provide you with all the help you’ll need. But please, do not feel as though your child will be penalized in finding a good adoptive family because of this decision.

The best decision is one that you’ve made that you feel is right for you and your child. It may take a while to come to a decision. That’s fine. Whenever you’re ready, Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help.

Newborn Adoption 

The most known of the two, newborn adoption, takes place from when the child is still in the womb to a few weeks old. This process is great for when you have fully made your decision in favor of adoption. The time the child is still in the womb allows the birth mother to begin planning for the child’s arrival. From creating an adoption plan to finding the right family for the adoptive baby, newborn adoption is a great option for a birth mother who has already made up her mind, and wants to ensure her child will get the best she can give from the very beginning.

Newborn Adoption vs. Infant Adoption  

No matter which direction you decide to take, make sure it’s the one you believe is right for you and your child. If you already know motherhood isn’t for you right now, then explore a little more into newborn adoption. If you just aren’t sure what’s best right now, then take a little time with the infant adoption.

Remember, if you need any questions answered, please reach out to Adoption Choices of Kansas. It’s our number one priority to help you figure out the best decision for you and your child.

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Meet the Author: Gabrielle Willis is a lover of writing and knowledge, which shows in her everyday life. She graduated with a Bachelors in English in 2013, and recently graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing. She has also worked in the education sector for over 10 years, recently becoming a Literacy Tutor. At her core, her passion is reading and writing, and she loves sharing that with others.

She enjoys helping those considering adoption or going through the adoption process any way she can. This internship opportunity truly resonated with her and she hopes that her words will connect and inspire everyone who reads them.

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