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Open Adoption with the Birth Father

By Patricia Arce

When you are looking to put your baby up for adoption, as a birth father, you should have all the resources and tools you need to make the most informed decision. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to provide you and the birth mother with love, support, and pregnancy help. We have seen the popularity of choosing open adoption grow as an ideal adoption plan. As it has become the most widely practiced type of adoption, open adoption is unique to those involved. Birth parents and adoptive parents can decide the level of contact they wish to have with their adoptive child.

Benefits of Open Adoption

While working with a private adoption service like Adoption Choices of Kansas, the benefits of open adoption are upfront and direct for you to understand. While we can offer birth mothers pregnancy help, your involvement in the adoption plan as a birth father is also important. There are requirements to adopt a child. You can lay out the requirements of your open adoption. Open adoptions can help soothe the emotions of adoption. They encourage communication, strengthen relationships, and allow you to be as involved in your adoptive child’s life as you desire. Open adoptions can benefit everyone.

  • For the child: An open adoption can allow a child of adoption to understand their identity and the reason for their adoption. It gives them faster access to medical history if a crucial situation arises.
  • For the adoptive parents: Open adoption means the adoptive parents can gain a better understanding of their child’s background and needs. They elect to give their child a larger support system. The adoptive parents allow more communication and trust between them and the birth parents.
  • For the birth parents: An open adoption can give birth parents peace of mind knowing how their adoptive child is being raised. It reassures them about the decision to seek our adoption services. They can gain a clear, open communication line with the adoptive parents.

Birth Father’s Role in Open Adoption

American adoptions, like in Kansas, want birth fathers to play a significant role in the adoption process. As a birth father, after you have established paternity, you have a right to be involved in establishing the kind of open adoption plan that suits you. The emotional closure you may need is just as important as the birth mother’s. When you are involved in the adoption planning, and once the adoption is finalized, you may be an active participant in the open adoption agreements. This involvement can strengthen the relationship between you and the birth mother. It can be challenging for you, as a birth father, to navigate your rights during the adoption process. You may see it as something that may cause conflict between the birth mother or adoptive parents. However, with Adoption Choices of Kansas, birth fathers play a significant role in the adoption process, and their rights and responsibilities are protected by law. You should understand your rights and options regarding adoption and consider seeking legal counsel and other support as needed throughout the process.

The Levels of Open Adoption

There are varying degrees of open adoption. The level of openness is decided on between the birth parents and adoptive parents before the adoption is finalized. Private adoption services can help mediate these conversations. When parents adopt a newborn, birth parents may opt to receive emails, letters, pictures, and phone calls with regular updates. A fully open adoption can also include in-person visits and may exchange extended family involvement. You should be open-minded with an open adoption relationship because it may change over time. The level of openness is up to you and your decisions made during the adoption planning. However, you should remember that you and the adoptive family have the same understanding and should remain committed to meeting the needs of the child. Remember communicating with the adoptive parents is important, as well as respecting their boundaries as legal parents.

Seeking Support for Open Adoptions

It’s easy to be nervous about the idea of an open adoption. However, you can look for support groups in your area or find solace in someone you already know. There are many adoption centers in Kansas with unique tools. But, at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we can offer you a stable, nurturing, and supportive environment, while assisting you with the adoption process. You can contact our team to adopt help today. Your voice and strength are just as important throughout the adoption. Help is within reach. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Kansas for More Information

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to provide you with love and support during your unplanned pregnancy. With the popularity of open adoption, we understand that each case is as unique as those involved. Birth parents and adoptive parents can benefit from the level of contact they decide upon. We can work together to create a positive adoption experience and an open adoption plan that fits you. 

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