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The Permanency of Adoption: Can I Get the Baby Back After Adoption in Kansas?

As a birth mother, you may have recently found a place to call home for your baby through adoption. Or maybe you have just learned about your pregnancy and have started to look for unplanned pregnancy options. Either way, one crucial thought is racing your mind in your search. Is it possible to get my baby back after adoption? What is the permanency of adoption?

This is a good thought. Mainly because you probably tend to worry about different things regarding your baby as a birth mother. And if you have already placed your baby up for adoption, there might even be some post-placement guilt holding you back.   

We want to help you explore whether adoption means every decision about your baby is written in stone or not. And how you can implement ways to try to stop yourself from thinking this way. All of your thoughts and emotions are valid during and even after the process! As Adoption Choices of Kansas, we are here to help you every step of the way in your adoption journey. 

Local Adoption Agencies in Kansas Explain Post-Placement and the Permanency of Adoption

It is essential for us to establish that you can not get your baby back after adoption in Kansas. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Administration for Children and Families, once you have placed your baby for adoption, all your rights to the child will end. There is no way to reinstate these rights unless in exceptional cases such as fraud or coercion. To learn more about this, be sure to speak to your adoption specialist or a legal advisor. 

This is why making such a big decision as placing your baby for adoption should be made carefully, which is where we step in. Adoption Choices of Kansas is proud to help birth mothers like you by guiding you through your adoption journey. We never force our birth mothers to make one decision over the other. 

You can also change your mind before the adoption takes place. Our compassionate team very well understands the thoughts and emotions you are going through right now, which is why all major decisions regarding your baby are totally up to you!

Kansas Adoption: Still Thinking About Your Baby?

If you are thinking about whether or not you can get your baby back after adoption in Kansas, you’re hoping that you could at least continue to meet your baby and be a part of their life even after adoption. Well, good news! In this case, an open adoption might be an option for you. 

Open adoption is an adoption where all information between the birth mothers and adoptive parents is shared. You get to select the loving family that is lucky enough to raise your baby. This may even look like the adoptive parents being there with you throughout your pregnancy journey and even present with you during labor and birth. Of course, this all depends on your comfort level and how much you want to let them be a part of this journey!

Other adoption options include a semi-open adoption and closed adoption. In a semi-open adoption, you may be in contact with the adoptive parents during the adoption journey if you choose. But after you have placed your child, all communication ends. In a closed adoption, you are not in contact with the parents. Instead, you simply give your baby to adoption agencies in Kansas, and they choose the best adoptive family for your baby. 

In an open adoption, birth mothers often become almost like a new member of the family for the adoptive families. They are even invited to celebrations and milestones. If this sounds like something you would like, an open adoption might be the best fit for you and your baby! That way, you will still be in contact with your baby while their loving adoptive parents raise them. In a more positive light, double or triple the love for your baby!

Some Coping Techniques for Pregnancy and Adoption

Most birth mothers wish and hope to raise their children. But sometimes, it just can’t be done. Many reasons behind this include financial instability, battling an addiction, having no place to live, no job to support a baby, and more. One of the primary thoughts that birth mothers face is guilt and feelings of inadequacy. 

This is why it’s crucial to remember that you are no less of a mother when considering adoption. Mothers fearlessly care for their children, many times putting themselves second. So likewise, you are putting your child first and caring about their future and upbringing by considering adoption. 

Here are some ways to cope with the guilt and sadness you might be feeling. 

  • Write in a journal. Journaling your thoughts can help you put them into words and realize how you’re feeling. 
  • Speak to friends and family. Sometimes letting your heart out in front of a loved one is all we need. Confiding in someone who cares for you can be a great way to reduce sadness and guilt. 
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. You are going through so much right now. It’s okay to feel many emotions all at once. All of your thoughts and feelings are valid!
  • Take a self-care day. Dedicate a day to yourself to doing some of your favorite things. Read a book, take a soothing bath, or eat your favorite foods.
  • Take advantage of FREE counseling. With Adoption Choices of Kansas, counseling is always free for birth mothers throughout the pregnancy and even after the adoption is finalized!

Adoption Agencies in Kansas and the Permanency of Adoption

You, as a mother, are just thinking about what is best for your baby right now. But, you might also be feeling helpless. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, you are our #1 priority. We care for our birth mothers and respect every decision they take. So, call us today and let us help get rid of some of your worries and fears. Allow us to help find a loving and caring adoptive family that will welcome your baby into their lives with open arms!


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