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Placing A Baby Up For Adoption At 8-9 Months Pregnant – Late Pregnancy Adoption

Are you pregnant, even though you did not plan it and are not in a position to raise your child? Adoption Choices of Kansas will be by your side to help you whether you are three months along, nine months along, or have already delivered your baby. We understand you love your child and want only the best for them, which is why we offer only the best care from our caseworkers.

If you need adoption help now, please call us at 877-903-4488, text us at 316-209-2071, or visit us at Adoption Choices of Kansas.

Should I have chosen to put my baby up for adoption earlier in my pregnancy?

Remember not to put pressure on yourself if you are deciding on adoption. Adoption is a very noble, important decision that you should put a lot of thought into. If you are considering it later in your pregnancy, even in your eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, know that you are not alone. Many women decide to put their babies up for adoption later in their pregnancy, or even directly after their delivery. This can be for any reason, such as deciding that you are not in fact ready to raise this child or that you do not in fact have the support and financial resources to raise this child.

Will choosing adoption later in my pregnancy make a difference in the adoption process?

Whether you are choosing to put your child up for adoption when you are sixteen weeks pregnant, eight months pregnant, or following your delivery, the process of adoption is fairly similar regardless of how far along you are. Once you decide on adoption, the process consists of finding an agency and choosing your child’s family.

  1. I choose adoption

Having an unplanned pregnancy is not the end of the world. Your anxieties and concerns about this are valid, but know that you have choices. If you decide against abortion or raising this child yourself, adoption is a great option to choose. This way, your child is able to live a happy, healthy life and you may be able to have some sort of contact, depending on the type of adoption you and the adoptive family agree to. Contact depends on whether you have an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. Open adoption means you will have constant contact with your child and their family, such as visits and letters. Semi-open adoption means you and your child will have contact every so often, such as in letters, while closed adoption means you and your child have limited to no contact.

  1. How do I pick an adoption agency?

To pick an adoption agency, a google search is always helpful in today’s technology-focused climate. You can search for “adoption agencies near me” or “adoption agencies in Kansas,” depending on where you are living.

A good adoption agency should best represent your wants and needs. For instance, are you looking for an agency that will be ready to answer any of your questions at any time? Would you like an agency that is by your side 24/7, including following your pregnancy? These are all things you should keep in mind when deciding on an adoption agency to help you through this time. Decide on whether you want to work with an agency that supports all types of adoptive families.

  1. How do I choose a family for my child?

There are two ways to find prospective adoptive families for your child: online ads and profiles through your adoption agency. Many prospective adoptive families will place ads online looking for birth mothers seeking adoptive families. These ads can be found on adoption blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites and forums. The other way to find prospective adoptive families is to choose from the profiles provided by your caseworker through your chosen adoption agency.

  1. What are my rights as a birth mom?

As a birth mom, you have the right to choose your child’s family, receive financial and medical aid, and choose how much contact you and your child will have in the future. In the past, birth mothers were not aware of their rights in regards to their child and their child’s adoption, but Adoption Choices of Kansas will stand by you and protect your rights.

If you are choosing to put your child up for adoption after months of thinking otherwise, or after only just discovering you are pregnant, Adoption Choices of Kansas is ready to be of aid. Remember, you’re doing a brave, selfless thing that your child and their family will appreciate forever. Adoption Choices of Kansasa knows this and wishes to help you through this process.

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