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Placing My Baby for Adoption and ICWA

Adoption is usually the first thing that comes to mind when having an unplanned pregnancy. Women who are putting their child up for adoption don’t feel fit to take care of their child at this time. Talk with your adoption counselor about what you wish to do with your child. Keep in mind this is a judgment-free zone, and Adoption Choices of Kansas is here for your child’s adoption. 

So, you may be wondering what ICWA means? This is actually the Indian Child Welfare Act and helps with the adoption coverage when adopting Native American children. Adopting is a big decision, and Adoption Choices of Kansas will be a part of your adoption process and help you along the way. You can also reach out to an adoption counselor and get more information about your private adoption in Kansas and the ICWA. 

History of the ICWA and Why It Passed

The ICWA was passed in 1978 and signed by President Jimmy Carter. ICWA has federal requirements in place that apply to custody proceedings with Native American children who are members of a federally recognized tribe. Native American families were getting taken away from their families. This law was passed to keep this tragic situation from happening again.

 All children deserve to be protected, so they don’t have to fear being taken away from their loved ones. At a young age, they may not understand what is going on. Having this law can make things easier for their families. Our children are precious human beings, and we’ll always do what’s best for them to ensure they’re safe. 

Adoption Qualifications in Kansas 

If you have a Native American heritage, you may not be subjected to ICWA requirements. Children must meet a set of qualifications. Those include:

  • Being a member of a recognized federal tribe
  • Having a biological parent who is a tribe member 

These requirements may vary depending on the type of case for your Kansas adoption.

Purpose of the ICWA

Protecting our families and making sure our children are safe is important. As parents, we want to always make sure our loved ones are healthy and safe. The main purpose of the ICWA is basically a way to keep the Native American children protected and keep them from being taken away or removed from their families. This law allows Native American families to stick together and lessen the chances of getting separated from their families. 

So, who does this apply to? This applies to anyone who is identified as an Native American child who is eligible or already a part of a tribe. ICWA applies to child welfare and adoption proceedings. 

Coverage By ICWA

If the Native Americanchild is involved in a state guardianship, foster care, or adoptive proceedings, these are covered by the ICWA. In order to apply for ICWA, the involved child must be classified as an Native American child by the law. 

This defines an Native American child as unmarried or under the age of eighteen. It also doesn’t apply to disputes between parents, juvenile delinquents, and tribal courts. You can contact the child’s tribe to check on the eligibility. Adoption Choices of Kansas can help gather all the information you need throughout this process. 

Considering Adoption and How ICWA Affects It  

The ICWA law provides the flexibility to protect the child’s best interests. This gives the birth parents the right to place their children with adoptive families of their choosing. Effective procedures are in place to help with adoption agencies and families. 

ICWA is not intended for voluntary adoption proceedings when the Native American birth parents willingly place their child up for adoption and select the adoptive family for the child. Every adoption is important when determining the Native American family’s ancestry. If either parent has a native background, the ICWA may require further inquiry and get as much information on them. 

Open Adoption Plan with ICWA

If you’re looking to maintain a relationship with your baby after birth, then open adoption is the right choice for you. ICWA’s main purpose was to keep Native American Children together with their families, tribes, and cultural backgrounds. 

Open adoption plans don’t change with the ICWA because both the birth mothers and adoptive families can keep a close relationship with their children. ICWA and the adoption company look for adoptive families with the same cultural background as the child’s ethical background. As the child gets older, they’ll want to discuss their adoption story. Choosing an open adoption as the birth mother will then give you the opportunity to discuss your background with your child. 

Kansas City Adoptions 

Our main goal as a parent is to make sure we provide our child with a happy home. They grow up faster than we think, and every second we spend with them is beautiful. Adoption Choices in Kansas is here to support you in your adoption process and help you apply the ICWA to your adoption case. 

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