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Positive Adoption Language (PAL): Difference Between “Giving up” and “Place”

By Tabitha Robbins

Have you already considered adoption in Wichita; with your unplanned pregnancy? Are you struggling to see the positivity in your adoption journey? Choosing or considering adoption is already a positive decision for an unexpected pregnancy. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you see the bright side of adoption. Our team has always been supportive and guided many birth mothers (such as yourself) through their adoption journey. When it comes to having a positive mindset through adoption, it’s important to consider the terminology used. Words can mean a lot, especially to someone going through an emotional time. Therefore, you need all the support and compassion you can get. Even if it’s just changing or replacing certain words, it matters. It impacts how you and others view adoption and the adoption process. The words “giving up” can put you in a negative mindset. Also, impact your emotions while going through the process of adoption. Positive adoption language (PAL) can give you the proper way to address the process.

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What Is Positive Adoption Language (PAL)?

PAL or positive adoption language uses certain terms and replaces them. For example, replacing the word “giving up” with “placing” sounds better when saying, “placing my child adoption.” This gives it a positive impact or viewpoint on adoption. Even term like “Birth Mother” is part of positive adoption language. Using PAL educates others about adoption, which is why we use “emotionally correct” words at Adoption Choices of Kansas. Hoping it will impact others so that PAL will eventually become normalized in adoption society. Just know that placing your child for adoption is a selfless choice made out of love. Choosing adoption takes a lot of thought, including consideration, which is why it shouldn’t be labeled as “giving up” when that’s far from the truth. For this reason, it’s important to consider adoption agencies in Kansas that use positive adoption language or PAL. Just like us, your local adoption agency.

More Examples of Positive Adoption Language (PAL)

  • Instead of “real parent,” we prefer using the term “birth parent.” Just like birth father or birther mother. This makes you and the child not feel any guilt or shame.
  • The term adoptive family is better than saying, “They’re not my real parents or family.” Not only is this a negative phrase, but also very hurtful.
  • For adoption families, it’s better to say “my child” instead of “adopted child.” This makes the child feel like they’re not part of a real family.
  • Another one for both adoptive families and birth parents to remember is “child placed for adoption.” Don’t ever refer to a child as “an unwanted child.”
  • Terms to never use in general would be “abandon,” “leave,” “didn’t want to keep,” or “give away.” The use of these words is incorrect when it comes to adoption. The use of this terminology can make adoption seem like a negative choice to make. When that is not at all true.

Knowing The Difference and Being In Control

Choosing to give your child the gift of a family is nothing to feel shameful about. You’re letting them grow happy and healthy in a safe environment you chose for them. That’s right. You’re in control of your adoption journey. You get to choose your adoption options, your get to choose adoptive family, and your birth plan. You have complete control over your adoption, including how you want to address the adoption process. Remember, you (the birth mother) are choosing adoption, not as a last resort. But as a new beginning for you and your child. Let your adoption in Wichita be something that leaves a positive impact on you. That said, when you are searching, adoption agencies near me consider Adoption Choices. For we have top-quality services, we can offer you during your pregnancy. Therefore, a whole team with experience waiting for your call, email, or text 24/7. We’re a team not only with experience but also compassion and endless support. Making sure you get what you and your child deserve, no matter your needs.

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

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