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Pregnant and Considering Adoption In Kansas

Adoption Choices of Kansas understands how difficult it can be to have an unplanned pregnancy and be considering Kansas adoption. Choosing your child’s adoptive family, deciding on your type of adoption agreement, and relying on your adoption agency caseworker can all be difficult. Look at how our friend, Stella, a 19-year-old college student, dealt with her unplanned pregnancy and the adoption process.

Unplanned Pregnancy Help

Stella is a 19-year-old college student who found out she is pregnant. This is an unplanned pregnancy, and much sooner than she hoped it would be. She has recently gotten in touch with Adoption Choices of Kansas and is considering placing her baby up for adoption. She is not interested in terminating her pregnancy and does not think she will be able to raise a child and stay in school as a full-time student. Her assigned caseworker, Nina, has been invaluable to Stella throughout all of this.

Choosing Your Child’s Adoptive Family

Nina presented Stella with a bunch of prospective adoptive family profiles to choose from. Stella told Nina that she wanted a family who lived close by, practiced Judaism like her, and already had at least one child. She eventually found the perfect family in Wichita, Kansas, to raise her baby and even became great friends with them.

Adoption Agency Financial Aid

Although Stella has medical insurance through her parents, she hasn’t been able to go to her student job lately while pregnant. She needed some financial assistance, and Nina was able to help set up a trust for Stella to get money from. After Stella chose her baby’s adoptive family, they put some money into the trust to help Stella pay for her dorm expenses she needed a little boost during her pregnancy.

Familial Adoption Agreement

She is lucky to have her parents’ support if she chooses to place her baby up for adoption. However, her parents did bring up the option of adopting her child through a familial adoption. Stella is unsure if she wants her parents to raise her baby as her sibling. She’s afraid it may bring up too much stress, confusion, and pain for everyone involved. Luckily, Nina informed Stella about her rights to whatever type of adoption she would like and the types of adoption there are.

Type of Adoption Agreement

Nina told Stella that if she wanted to have a relationship with her baby in the future but not have her baby raised right in front of her by someone else, she could opt for open or semi-open adoption. If Stella wanted to have no contact with her baby in the future, Nina told Stella she could choose a closed adoption. In the end, Stella decided to have an open adoption where she receives updates on her baby’s growth and development during face-timing once a month and visiting every three months and on holidays. Stella has now become great friends with her baby’s adoptive parents and is a special part of their family.

Adoption Agency Caseworker Representation & Help

Stella did need Nina’s help as a representative of her rights when her college refused to accommodate her need for bed rest. Stella suffered from preeclampsia towards the end of her pregnancy and was told, by her doctor, to stay on bed rest. Some of Stella’s professors gave her some trouble over having to miss class and hand in assignments late due to her bed rest.

Nina contacted Stella’s dean and conferenced in Stella’s legal aid, whom Adoption Choices helped Stella get in contact with. By the end of the week, Nina had sorted everything out, and Stella was allowed extra time and accommodations to make up what she needed to do to finish her classes by the end of that semester. Nina held Stella’s hand through the whole adoption process and was Stella’s godsend all throughout.

How Adoption Helps Birth Mothers

Because Stella chose to place her baby up for adoption in Kansas, she was able to graduate on time, with honors. Stella was able to get a great internship, which led to a career in her field of study. While on a business trip, she met the man who she would marry by the end of the year. They now have two beautiful children and still, see and visit with Stella’s first child, who will always hold a special place in her heart. In the end, adoption helped Stella and her child in so many ways. If you are in a similar situation, consider contacting Adoption Choices of Kansas today.


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