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I’m pregnant and in a bad relationship, can I choose adoption? 

By Manuel Serritos

Being in a bad relationship is far too common for many people. A relationship can start off fine, but for one reason or another, it can change. This change can happen gradually as something that comes completely out of your control. Someone you once thought cared for you can show their true colors by being either physically or verbally abusive. When this happens, managing the relationship can become difficult. Even if the relationship makes a turn for the worse, you may have obligations that prevent you from leaving. If you are pregnant while facing a bad relationship, it may feel like your options have become progressively limited. Although this is a stressful time, know you have options for your child. One of the options is Adoption Choices of Kansas 

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Pregnant and in a bad relationship, know that adoption is an option

If you are pregnant, know you have options for what to do with your child. Although you might want to consider certain routes, some might not be ideal, taking into account a bad living situation. Wanting to parent the child is one, but it might not be best if you know the relationship is toxic. Parenting your child is an act of love, but no child deserves to be raised by an abusive birth father. If you realize your partner is this way, they likely may not change. Abuse created from a bad relationship is systematic and will negatively affect your baby’s life. A child needs to be raised in a loving and nurturing environment for the best possible development. 

Despite being in a bad relationship, you can still provide your child with the best possible start to their life. Adoption agencies in Kansas can help provide both you and your baby with this start. At first, it may just seem like giving your baby up for adoption, but know this is not the case. An adoption is an act of love that can provide a new beginning for all those involved in the process. A bad relationship does not have to define who your child is going to be in life. With adoption in Kansas, your child will be given the best possible chance at a positive future. 

Opportunities adoption provides 

When considering either Kansas or Wichita adoption, please know we give you the best possible support. Pregnancy can be a difficult time for numerous reasons, so we are here to provide you with care. Although you do not get directly paid for adoption in Kansas, we will provide you with financial and medical support. Some of this support comes in the form of rent, food, transportation, clothing, phone service, and medical care. Regardless of the stage of your pregnancy, we will provide you with this support and whatever else you may need. When you first turn to Adoption Choices of Kansas, an Adoption Counselor will help you set up an adoption plan

With an adoption plan, you get to choose directly what happens to your child. When beginning this process, you get to choose the type of adoption that works best for your situation. The main types of adoption you get to choose from are open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. For most birth mothers, open adoption is the most chosen option. Open adoptions allow you to have a role in your child’s life and get to decide on their adopted family. When choosing open adoption, we will present to you adopted families that will provide your child with a loving home. All of the families we present to you are screened and interviewed to ensure only the best families are chosen. Depending on the agreements made, you can have occasional meet-ups and progress updates with your child’s adopted family. Open adoption can help you provide you and your child with a new beginning. 

Your decisions matter most 

Although every case is unique, your decisions matter most regarding adoption. If facing an abusive relationship and considering adoption, know the decisions you make for your child have priority. The birth father, in many cases of abuse, can have little to no say in what happens to her child. The decision to put a child up for adoption should be yours alone to make. Our team will help you navigate through this situation and figure out what rights the birth father has. We will handle the legality of the adoption while you choose what is best for your child. 

Giving your baby up for adoption when facing an abusive relationship is not an easy decision. There are many different adoption agencies in Kansas you can turn to when considering adoption. But of all your options, Adoption Choices of Kansas will do the most to ensure your adoption goes smoothly. 

Choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us at 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071.

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