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Putting My Baby Up for Adoption in Kansas

When you find out you have an unexpected pregnancy, it can feel like your whole life is about to change. If you are not planning on having a child, this feeling can be very overwhelming, especially if there are other factors that you aren’t ready for. You may not be financially ready, emotionally ready, or you may not have the support you need and desire to raise a child. Whatever the reason may be, just know you are not alone. You have many resources and options to help you live the life you want, and adoption is one of them. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we are here to guide you throughout your adoption journey and offer you unplanned pregnancy options during this time.

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Things to Consider When Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption in Kansas

There are multiple steps and things to consider when putting your baby up for adoption. It is important to be prepared and plan ahead, so you can have the most optimal outcome for you and your child. Here are several things to consider when planning ahead in your adoption journey.

  • What Type of Adoption You Want

    The first thing to consider is what type of adoption you want. There are usually three types of adoption: open, semi-open, and closed. This is a very important thing to consider because it determines what kind of contact you have with your child and the adoptive family before, especially, after the adoption is finalized. In a closed adoption, you will have no contact whatsoever with the adoptive family and your child post-adoption placement. In a semi-open adoption, you will have minimal contact with your child and the adoptive family post-adoption placement, and a third party has to be involved in that contact. This can include letters, pictures, and updates from your child and their adoptive family or minimal contact while the third party is involved. Open adoption is the third type, which allows for the most contact with your child and the adoptive family. You can be present in their lives and maintain a relationship as long as you are following the boundaries set in place. You can even choose what type of family your child gets placed with before the adoption takes place.

  • What Type of Family You Want

    If you do desire to choose what type of family your child gets placed with, there are many options you have as there are various types of families. A few of those are transracial, older, younger, single parent, heterosexual, and same-sex couple families. Depending on what kind of environment you want your child to be raised in, each of these types of families offers a unique dynamic that will shape your child. If you decide on an open adoption, It’s also important to keep in mind that you will be in communication with your child’s adoptive family. Having a family that aligns with you the best is going to offer the best outcome so you can communicate effectively and have a positive relationship with them.

  • How to Handle Emotions When Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption

    Another thing to consider when placing your child up for adoption is the emotional impact it will have on you. Whatever adoption type you choose, whether it’s closed, semi-open, or open, it will have a significant impact on you. Keep in mind that these feelings are natural, and there are resources available to you to help you manage your emotions during this time. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we have resources available to you, such as our adoption caseworkers that will offer you advice and guidance. It is also important to consider therapy and support groups to help you express your feelings healthily and process them completely. There will be a grieving period in this process, despite what your desires for your life may be. This is okay to feel and keep in mind that it takes time to go through each stage. Here are some of the stages you may go through after placing your baby up for adoption.

    • Shock and denial
    • Pain and guilt
    • Anger
    • Depression
    • The upward turn
    • Reconstruction and working through
    • Acceptance and hope

Learning More About the Adoption Process can Bring You Hope

Putting your baby up for adoption is no easy task, and through all the planning and work that goes into it, you also have to maintain your mental health and go through the stages of grief. The ultimate goal is to reach acceptance and hope during the adoption process, and Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to help you achieve that. We want to guide you through your adoption journey by helping you plan ahead and by making the whole process easier while you heal. We also want to give you ideas to help you figure out what kind of adoption you are looking for and what would suit your life the best.

Keep in mind that there is always support as you come first. We are here to answer any further questions you may have. We want you to be the happiest you can be in your adoption journey. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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