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It’s not unnatural to have concerns while considering adoption or going through the adoption process. Here we address a few concerns and provide realities.

Concern: If a person considers adoption for their child, they don’t really care about the child.
Reality: Adoption can be the most loving and unselfish plan prospective birth parents can make for their child. #adoptionisnotgivingup

Concern: Birth parents will know nothing about their child’s life or the adoptive parents.
Reality: Prospective birth parents may choose the level of openness they desire in their adoption plan, including: choosing the family, meeting in person, and maintaining contact throughout the child’s life. #openadoption

Concern: Adoption is an irresponsible solution to an unplanned pregnancy.
Reality: The most responsible solution to an unplanned pregnancy is one that puts the child’s best interests first.

Concern: Birth parents forget the children they place for adoption.
Reality: Birth parents remember and love the children they place forever.

Concern: Birth parents will have serious emotional problems if they place their child for adoption.
Reality: Birth parents who place their child for adoption go through a natural grieving process, and they commonly feel a sense of peace and strength from their decision. Especially when choosing a semi-open or open adoption.

Concern: No one can love a child as much as a birth parent.
Reality: The ability to give birth has no bearing on one’s capacity to love a child or to be a good parent.

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Serving Expectant Parents Statewide With Offices located in: Wichita | Kansas City

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