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4 Reasons Birth Mother Support Groups In Kansas Are Right For You

By Rachel Smith

Birth mother support groups are excellent resources that provide a safe space for birth mothers. They help these moms learn more about adoption and connect with other birth moms. Adoption Choices of Kansas is a private adoption agency that prioritizes birth mothers in Kansas. The agency lets birth mothers have more say in the adoption process. The Wichita adoption agency provides many resources and support for birth mothers. This includes support groups, which are very helpful. Here are four reasons why a birth mother support group may be right for birth moms like you!

1. You Feel Alone: You Need Adoption Support 

Choosing adoption can feel very lonely and overwhelming at times. In some cases, birth mothers may not have support from family and other loved ones. Birth fathers may not be in the picture. Birth mothers may feel even more lonely after the adoption process is finalized. Even in these cases, though it can be lonely, birth mothers do not need to go through the adoption alone. Birth mother support groups are another way for birth mothers to receive support during rough times. These groups have birth mothers who may have experienced your current emotions or still experience these feelings. Whatever the case, with birth mother support groups, birth moms can feel valued and supported. 

2. You Need Help Navigating Through the Adoption Process

If you are a birth mother new to adoption, you may find yourself very lost. The adoption process in Kansas has many steps. There are many terms to familiarize yourself with and many processes to endure. Adoption paperwork must be filled out, and Kansas adoption requirements must be learned. In situations like unplanned pregnancy or teen pregnancy, birth mothers may not know what their next steps should be. Other birth mothers may still be contemplating adoption in the first place, feeling lost in that aspect as well. There are many factors involved in considering how to give a baby up for adoption. Many birth mothers may not be familiar with them. This is what birth mother support groups are here for. They can answer some of your many questions and help ease the stress of unfamiliarity in adoption. 

There are many decisions to make as a birth mother. There is the creation of the adoption plan, the naming process, the birthing plan, post-placement communication decisions, and more. All of these choices could make adoptions seem overwhelming and scary. This is where support groups come in. By reaching out to a support group, you can connect with experienced birth mothers that can speak about their knowledge. Birth mother support groups offer different perspectives, which may help you in your adoption decision-making. 

3. Meeting Birth Moms You Can Relate To 

Birth moms considering adoption during their pregnancy have a different experience compared to other expectant moms. Birth moms go through a variety of emotions and ordeals surrounding adoption on top of everyday life. The birth moms in these support groups are all familiar with adoption and the obstacles that may come with it. These birth mothers range in experience, situation, and background. However, many understand the emotions that come with adoption. Birth mother support groups allow you to share your emotions freely and find someone who may have the same experience. Birth mother support groups allow you to find a community of birth moms that understand and support you. 

4. Discover More Adoption Resources

There are many resources available for birth mothers, and birth mother support groups can help new birth mothers find them. Adoption Choices of Kansas offers many more resources for birth mothers. For example, our agency provides secure housing in the form of a safe house or rent payments. Our Wichita adoption agency has many experienced counselors to help you manage your emotions after you release them. Our services additionally include groceries, medical financial aid, clothing, transportation, and more. Resources vary depending on the birth mom’s situation. There are many forms of support available to help birth mothers with whatever they might be going through. Birth mother support groups can help you find them. 

Where Can I Find A Birth Mother Support Group?

Adoption Choices of Kansas is an adoption agency dedicated to supporting Kansas birth mothers and adoptees. We assist birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, unstable finances, and more! We offer a variety of adoption services and can help birth mothers find a birth mother support group that is the best fit for them. Birth mothers who need support during the adoption process or post-placement, contact our adoption agencies near you! Our Kansas adoption agencies can be called at 877-903-4488 or texted at 316-209-2071. Get the support you need today!

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