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Reasons Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

When you are considering putting your child up for adoption, there are multiple factors that play into your decision. Since you have decided to pursue adoption, one of the main questions may surround why. Why are you choosing adoption? What are your motivations? What are the reasons for you wanting to go through the adoption process?

If you are a new parent or a single birth mother considering adoption, and you don’t know what your first step should be, then you’ve come to the right place. Any of our expert counselors, caseworkers or staff at Adoption Choices of Kansas will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We will also help support you as you go through the adoption process and create a better life for you and your child.  

Reasons Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

For many birth mothers, choosing adoption comes down to two things: wanting to make sure your child is happy, and not being able to give your child the life you know they deserve. However, it also goes deeper than that. That, and every birth mother has her own reasons for choosing to place her baby for adoption. 

Reason #5: You Don’t Want to be a Parent   

Growing up, you had a strong desire to start your own family. But then, after being married with your significant other for a while, you feel differently. Depending on your personal and financial situations, as well as other factors, you may become skeptical. You aren’t sure you want to be a parent anymore. Having a family comes with big responsibilities.You may feel that you aren’t able to provide for your child in all the ways you should. The thought of raising a child may be too much for you to handle. 

Despite all of this, we will work hard to help you along in your adoption process because we want to see you succeed in your adoption journey. You deserve to feel what it is like, as a birth mother, to go through the process. 

We will also be happy to help you financially, while you are going through your adoption process. You deserve to stay in a proper home in which you will be able to rest, and take time to focus on your pregnancy. We will help you apply for a suitable Medicaid plan that will cover you throughout your pregnancy, and find the best medical primary care for you and your unborn baby as well. We will stop at nothing to help you, and your baby through your adoption process.     

Reason #4: No Support System 

The decision to put your baby up for adoption is not an easy one to make. But who can you turn to? Who do you trust the most? Is your child’s birth father in the picture? 

To help guide you in your decision, you may want to seek our friends, family and anyone you know who has adopted for advice. So, you go to those you trust the most. Unfortunately, you don’t receive the comfort or encouragement you hope for. Your family essentially tells you that you are on your own if you choose to keep and raise your child. 

Even though your family will not be willing to help you, we will be happy to support you from start to finish, because your adoption process should be a positive one for you, and your baby. We will be able to supply you with a team of adoption workers that will love, care for, and support you, and your unborn baby, always. They will provide you with all of the necessary support you will need, the whole way through.   

Reason #3: You Will Be Able To Choose The Adoptive Family

You, the birth mother, will be able to manage who your baby’s new, adoptive family will be, while going through the adoption process. You will be provided with photobooks, or “profile books” that contain images of suitable, waiting adoptive families, and have descriptions about where they live, who all of them are and what type of lifestyle their family lives. After picking out the family you want to pursue, you can request to meet with them before your baby is born, and discuss what type of contact you want to have with both, your baby, after they are born, and with their chosen adoptive family. From that, you will be able to choose whether you want to pursue an open, semi-open, or closed adoption with your baby, and your baby’s adoptive parents.

Reason #2: You And Your Baby Are Our Priority

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we are dedicated to support you through your adoption process, and to ensure that your baby will be successfully matched with the best adoptive family. We help birth mothers all across the state of Kansas who are going through the adoption process, and support women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. We will provide you with counselors who you can speak to, and who will give you help and support through your adoption process. We will be happy to assist you, any way we can because both your, and your baby’s happiness matter to us the most. You will be able to come and speak with our representatives about your current situation(s) that you have been dealing with, and they will provide support for you.

Reason #1: Food Will Be Available For You and Your Baby

During your pregnancy and adoption processes, we will be happy to help provide you, and your baby with proper food choices so you both will be well nourished, and healthy. In addition, other food sources we can provide you, and your child during your process will be through food stamps, continuous grocery store payments and from WIC food programs.

Reasons for Placing Your Baby for Adoption

If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, or others, you are not alone. Every birth mother is unique and has her own reasons for choosing adoption. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. At the end of the day, the decision is yours. If you want to give your baby their best chance at life, and want them to be happy, healthy and safe, adoption is a beautiful option. Both you and your baby will be glad you made this decision.

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