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Will I Regret Placing My Baby Up for Adoption?

By Katiara Potter

Making the decision to place your child up for adoption in Kansas is not an easy choice. You may be feeling stressed or even guilty over your decision. It’s important to know that you made a decision so your child could have a better life. You made this decision, so your child could have the maximum love and support they deserve. Also, by choosing an adoptive family for your child, you gave another person the gift of parenthood. Some people don’t get this opportunity for a number of reasons. One is that they cannot conceive children naturally. Always remember that your decision was courageous, selfless, and honorable. You might wonder, “will I regret placing my baby up for adoption?” Just know that you can reach out to one of our counselors at Adoption Choices of Kansas. Also, feel free to reach out to a counselor at any adoption agency in Kansas. We know this time may be stressful. We are here to support you.

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Consider Why You Chose Adoption

Will you regret your decision to place your child up for adoption? There’s no definitive answer to this question. It’s possible that during and after the adoption process, you may feel regretful. If you’re feeling regret, the best thing to consider is why you made your decision. Many birth mothers choose adoption for different reasons. It’s possible that you chose to place your child up for adoption because:

  • You may not have been financially secure
  • It may not have been the right time for you to raise a child
  • You could have been too young to raise a child
  • You don’t know who the birth father is
  • The birth mother and the birth father don’t have a good relationship

Whatever your reasoning was for choosing adoption, your decision is valid. You made the best decision for yourself and your child. Many birth mothers make this courageous decision every day.

Grief is a Natural Part of the Adoption Process

Ultimately, it’s natural to experience grief and regret during or after adoption. You made one of the hardest and most important decisions of your life. Deciding on adoption is not easy at all for any birth mother. During your pregnancy, you may have formed an emotional bond with your child.

Giving your child up can feel like a major loss. These feelings are natural. You may also miss your child and wish they were with you. You’re not alone in your feelings. Many birth mothers experience these feelings during and after the adoption process. It’s important to consider that your child is a part of a loving and supportive family. They’re being taken care of. They are receiving the love and care they need.

What Can I Do to Handle Possible Regret After Adoption

One thing you can do to help with feelings of regret is to reach out to family and friends. It’s important during this stressful time to surround yourself with people who you trust. Communicate your feelings to them. It’s important that your feelings are heard. It’s helpful to have people listen to you. And to remind you that you made the best decision for yourself and your child.

Another thing you can do to help with feelings of regret is reach out to your adoption counselor or specialist. The adoption process can be a source of stress for birth mothers. It’s important to reach out to a counselor at Adoption Choices of Kansas or at any adoption agency in Kansas for support.

Receiving support and understanding may help with your feelings of regret, especially since your adoption counselor has counseled so many birth mothers like you. Your adoption counselor will know and understand exactly what you’re feeling. Adoption Choices of Kansas is also really accommodating and can meet with you anywhere in Kansas.

What to Keep in Mind Pursuing Adoption in Kansas

Overall, if you’re feeling regretful, remember why you chose adoption. You were thinking of the well-being of yourself and your child. Perhaps you imagined your child having a happy life with an adoptive family. You made these decisions out of love. You were not selfish when choosing adoption. Choosing adoption is not a selfish decision. The adoption process can sometimes be long and complicated. You would not have gone through the whole process if you didn’t love your child. Also, think about how the adoption process benefits your child. They will be a part of a loving and supportive adoptive family. Focusing on the benefits of the adoption process can also help with feelings of grief and regret.

Remember, feelings of grief and regret over choosing adoption are natural. All birth mothers may experience these feelings. What’s amazing is that your love for your child continues during and after adoption. If you need support, reach out to one of our counselors. We at Adoption Choices of Kansas are here for you.

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