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Self-Care Methods in Kansas After Placing a Child Up for Adoption During May 

By Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

You’ve just gone through putting a child up for adoption. Now that it’s over, you’re feeling some way, which is understanding. But unfortunately, not everyone that goes through this process feels the same way. Here at Adoption Choices of Kansas, we’ll help you get through this. At our local agency, we’ll go through the different self-care options. Adoption isn’t a one-step process. That’s why we know that the minds of birth mothers are important.

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What self-care options are available for birth mothers who have gone through the adoption process in Kansas?

In Kansas, birth mothers have the options of:

  • Seeking therapy
  • Joining a support group
  • Going on a retreat/vacation for your mind
  • Joining social circles

As May is fast approaching. Some might see this as a regular occurrence. But to others, Mother’s Day is a reminder. A reminder that they placed their birth child up for adoption not too long ago. If May is a reminder for you, don’t be afraid to seek therapy. Having someone you can talk to during this time is always good. If you’d like, you could ask your adoption counselor if they could be at your therapy sessions with you. 

Try joining a support group to keep your mind off your birth child during Mother’s Day. A group of birth parents also see Mother’s Day as a reminder. You could try going to group therapy. Instead of going by yourself, you’re in a group with other people. Support groups are group therapy where you’re in a room with other people in similar situations. At the same time, share your thoughts and feelings.

Another method you could use is going on retreats and vacations. You could either go by yourself or go with the people you’ve met in the support groups. Take this time to relax and think about yourself. Yes, you’ve just gone through a stressful situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Go on a vacation/retreat where you focus on yourself and your mental health. Don’t let anything stress you out during this time. Try going on a retreat that involves nature, where it’s you and the outdoors. This is about your self-care. So make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

The people you’ve met at the support groups can become your lifelong friends. You’ve gone through similar situations. So, you have things in common. Things to share/talk about. They’re the potential friends you go on vacation with. The people you call whenever you need someone to talk to. Someone that isn’t your counselor or therapist. 

Why do I feel sad after placing my child up for adoption?

After going through the birth of a child and later placing them up for adoption. It might have effects on the minds of the birth mothers. They might feel regret over the situation. But, they understood they couldn’t take care of the birth child at the time. Which is why they chose adoption. But going through the adoption process is different for every birth mother. 

Every birth mother going through this process is not the same. As a result, birth mothers will look for people they can talk to, which is where our agency comes into play. At the Adoption Choices of Kansas, we’ll break down the different self-care options. We tell birth mothers always to have someone they can talk to in our agency. This means we advise birth mothers to seek therapy as an option. Have someone you can rely on to share your thoughts. Having second thoughts about the adoption process; doesn’t make you a terrible person. It means you’re feeling different from how you did during the process.

Feeling sad about placing your child up for adoption isn’t bad. Depending on the adoption choice, you’ll be able to be around them often during May, when everyone is celebrating their mom. Don’t feel bad that you placed your birth child up for adoption. At the time, you weren’t ready to become a full-time parent, which is okay. Unfortunately, becoming a parent isn’t a task everyone is ready for.

Missing your birth child during May because of Mother’s Day is a given reaction. Often birth mothers who’ve placed their child up for adoption feel this way.

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