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Self-Care Tips for Navigating Adoption in May

By Janae Pabon

We all know that May is the month for mothers. Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday, but it can also be painful and difficult for some. There are people out there who don’t have mothers anymore or don’t have a good relationship with their mothers. There are many reasons why someone may struggle during Mother’s Day. 

As a birth mother, you may also find the month of May to be very difficult. It is important to acknowledge that you may feel a wide array of emotions during this month, and they are all valid. These emotions may be even stronger on Mother’s Day itself. Because of this, it is important to take care of yourself this month by practicing self-care.  At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we want to support you throughout this possibly difficult month by providing you with self-care tips. Our private agency is one of many adoption agencies to choose from, and we are so happy to work with you. We want to continue supporting you however we can, even after your Kansas adoption is finalized. 

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Self-Care Tips to Cope with Adoption During May

Self-care is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but what exactly is it? Self-care is different for everyone. There is no right way to do self-care; it is doing whatever makes you feel good and it will help you take care of yourself. Here are some examples of self-care for you to try during the month of May:

  1. Go to your favorite coffee shop. Treating yourself to your favorite coffee or tea drink at your favorite café is a nice way to practice self-care. Coffee shops can be really relaxing. You can bring a journal or a book with you and take some time to read or write down your feelings.
  2. Plan a spa night. If you’re into spa nights as a form of self-care, which many people are, it can be a perfect way to treat yourself. You can do a face mask, take a bubble bath, or do any activity to pamper yourself.
  3. Connect with other people. Sometimes talking your feelings out with others or simply being in someone else’s company helps so much. You can connect with a support group or reach out to a friend who is a good listener. Connecting with other birth mothers can also really help you. They, too, once looked for “adoption agencies near me” and can relate to your struggles.
  4. Get active. Going outside to do something active is a great way to process emotions. You can go to the gym, hike, go biking, dance, or just simply go on a calming walk. Yoga is also a fun activity to do outside in nature, and it can ground you in your physical body. Any activity that gets you outside is a great form of self-care.

Honoring Yourself During the Month of Mother’s Day 

It’s so important that you remember that you’re the birth mother of your baby! Though you made the brave choice to place them in another loving family, you were still pregnant with, and gave birth to, your baby. You get to honor yourself during this time, though it may not seem like a time of celebration. 

The holiday coined “Birth Mother’s Day” is another holiday that exists in May, and this holiday honors you – birth mothers who placed their babies for adoption. You can turn the month of May around from feeling like a negative time to a time that is positive, and celebrates you. This holiday allows other women who have completed an adoption in Wichita or anywhere else in Kansas to celebrate their selflessness.

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