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5 Self-Care Tips for Pregnant Birth Mothers in Kansas

Adoption in Wichita can be stressful for birth mothers. Handling the pregnancy, choosing adoptive families, and trying to find support, aren’t always easy tasks. It can feel even more stressful when you worry about caring for the other human inside you. Despite all that you have to do, the most important task should be to take care of yourself. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to provide you with self-care tips to ease your stress.

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1. Get Some Rest

Many people need to realize how important sleep is for overall health. A night of good sleep is especially necessary for birth mothers because you are carrying another person inside of them. This means that your body is working extra hard to support your baby. This process naturally zaps a birth mother’s energy, so enough rest is crucial. It’s recommended that birth mothers get at least 7 hours of sleep. However, only some birth mothers can do this. If you can, take naps during the day or just rest your eyes. 

2. Take Time to Just Relax

Just like a good night’s sleep, relaxation gives your mind and body a chance to unwind. There are so many ways that you can practice the art of relaxation. You can take a nice bath. You can meditate. You can journal about your feelings. You can read a book. You can have a spa day at home. You can also put on some super comfy clothes and just chill. Remember, this time is for unwinding. Try not to focus too much on the adoption process. This will give your mind and body the downtime they’ll need. 

3. Getting Exercise 

We’re not talking about intense cardio. For pregnant birth mothers, light exercise is recommended. This includes walking, prenatal yoga, swimming, water aerobics, and light cardio. When pregnant, it’s important just to make sure you move. Moving helps the blood flow circulate and keeps you fit during your pregnancy. It’s important to consult your healthcare provider before starting an exercise routine while pregnant—all for the health and safety of you and your child. 

4. Maintain Your Mental Health

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is likely to cause a change in your daily life. You may hear discouraging words from people around you. You may also experience depression or anxiety during this time. If this is true for you, seeking help and assistance is important. You could confide in someone who you trust about your feelings. You can also reach out to a counselor at Adoption Choices of Kansas. We’re here to support you.

Also, many birth mothers have feelings like this during pregnancy. With the shift of hormones, it’s natural for your mood and feelings to change during this time. It’s expected, and it’s 100% all right for you to seek support. 

5. Maintain Positivity

Having a positive outlook during pregnancy and the adoption process is important. You may experience a lot of change. You may face many challenges. Maintaining positivity will help improve your pregnancy experience and the adoption process. One way to maintain positivity is by practicing self-love. Give yourself credit for being an amazing woman and an amazing birth mother. You’re brave, strong, and courageous.

You are making tough decisions to give your child the best life possible. Practicing self-love and giving yourself positive affirmations will help you have a positive, happy pregnancy. Another way to maintain positivity is by making a gratitude list. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for each day. This list could include anything. For example, you might be grateful because you saw the doctor and your baby is healthy. Or, you might be grateful because you got a good sleep. After that, the skies are the limit. This practice is about recognizing things that bring you joy and that you’re grateful for. Maintaining positivity is the overall goal. 

Practicing Self-Care Throughout Your Unplanned Pregnancy

With all that you have to take care of, self-care might be overlooked. Navigating the process of adoption in Wichita may present a challenge. Handling an unplanned pregnancy may not be easy. It’s important to remember that since you’re the birth mother, you need to be taken care of. When learning about your unplanned pregnancy, the main focus may be on the baby’s health. However, the birth mother’s health is equally, if not more important, because she’s carrying the baby. You know yourself.

Take care of yourself. Always make sure to maintain your physical and mental health, as well as get enough sleep. Also, don’t be afraid to seek help and assistance. Adoption Choices of Kansas knows how stressful this time can be. We’re here for you. Feel free to reach out to one of our counselors for the support you may need. You can also seek assistance from any adoption agency in Kansas

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