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Shattering the Stigma of Giving a Baby for Adoption

By Rockebah Charles-Stewart

 An unplanned pregnancy can cause a lot of emotions. Regrettably, if you are contemplating placing your baby for adoption in Kansas, guilt may be one of the emotions you experience. This can be because of the historical stigma surrounding adoptions, which is unjust. In actuality, adoption is an act of love. It is a demonstration of selflessness and sacrifice, qualities that should be admired. Adoption Choices of Kansas understands the inspiring nature of adoption and therefore offers support to birth mothers. 

Our adoption agency is able to assist birth parents both within the state and across the nation. In order to provide help during pregnancy, we have built a network that spans across the entire United States. If you are considering adoption in Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or even further, our organization can help. We are ready to provide assistance to birth mothers throughout the adoption process.

Adoption is a gift, and Adoption Choices of Kansas is ready to support you in delivering it.

Reasons Birth Mothers May Choose Adoption

If you are thinking about adoption as a birth mother, remember you are not alone. Adoption is your choice, and there is no need to feel guilty about it. Many other birth mothers have chosen this option for unplanned pregnancy for several reasons:

  • You want to give your child a chance at a happy life: Loving your child does not guarantee they will be happy growing up with you. Giving a child for adoption can be your most loving act. In fact, many birth mothers choose adoption for this reason. Adoption is about love because only a loving parent can put their child’s needs before their own.
  • You want to fulfill your dreams: Perhaps you are in school or working towards achieving a lifelong dream. No matter the reason, you may consider an unplanned pregnancy as an obstacle to your achievements. It does not have to be. Putting your child in a safe, loving, and supportive environment through adoption enables you to pursue your goals again. Adoption Choices of Kansas can help you find a supportive family and aid in your path back to your goals.
  • You want to fulfill someone else’s dream of becoming a parent: When a woman is thinking about what to do with her unplanned pregnancy, it is normal to view adoption as “giving up.” However, when you put a baby for adoption, you are not giving up. You are giving a priceless gift to someone whose greatest desire is to become a parent. Many hopeful parents are waiting for birth mothers to choose them through Adoption Choices of Kansas. It may be a tough decision, but you can change someone’s life forever by allowing them to raise your baby.

Who are Birth Mothers?

At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we acknowledge the strength and courage of birth mothers. This is why we are honored to help with your adoption process and in reaching your goals. We commend your selflessness in always prioritizing your child’s needs and your strength in moving forward after placing them. Giving a child up for adoption requires a great deal of bravery and an inner strength, which makes you inspirational.

The Emotional Journey of the Adoption Process

Emotions can consume you from the moment you learn about unplanned pregnancy. It can stay with you throughout your pregnancy as you get ready for delivery. Unfortunately, it can persist even after childbirth. This is why Adoption Choices of Kansas offers counseling to birth mothers during and after pregnancy. We are dedicated to supporting you in navigating grief, loss, or any other emotions you might encounter. We help you through complex decision-making processes so you can focus on yourself without feeling overwhelmed.

Adoption Choices of Kansas is Here For You

Regardless of others’ views, adoption is a selfless act of love that you should be proud of. Choosing to give a baby up for adoption is a difficult decision. Yet you have bravely followed this path despite the emotional challenges. Adoption Choices of Kansas is here to support you in giving your child the life they deserve. Our private adoption agencies in Kansas provide adoption support throughout Kansas, Missouri, and beyond. We focus on ensuring the safety, support, and care of birth mothers by providing a wide range of adoption services. At Adoption Choices of Kansas, we provide pregnancy help and offer customized adoption plans to guide you in your adoption journey.

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