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Gestational Surrogacy

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Surrogacy Choices of Kansas is dedicated to helping intended parents achieve their dream of having a baby through the process of gestational surrogacy. Located in the beautiful state of Kansas, we provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire journey to intended parents and gestational surrogates. Our experienced team of professionals is here to help you navigate the legal, medical, and emotional aspects of surrogacy, ensuring a safe and fulfilling experience for all involved.


Surrogacy demands immense dedication and offers potential lifelong benefits. Surrogacy Choices of Kansas specializes in gestational surrogacy, a process wherein the carrier does not have a biological connection to the baby. Instead, through in vitro fertilization (IVF), an embryo is formed using either the intended parents’ or donors’ eggs and sperm, which is subsequently transferred to the surrogate. The gestational carrier then carries the child until birth.


There are requirements that must be met before beginning the process.


Intended Parents

Our mission is to support intended parents in their journey to start or expand their families by providing safe and ethical surrogacy services. Surrogacy Choices of Kansas assists both singles and couples, as well as families, who require the assistance of a gestational carrier to fulfill their dream of having a child. We embrace diversity and accept clients of all ages, races, religions, genders, marital statuses, and sexual preferences. In our commitment to personalized care, we empower you to select the professionals involved in your surrogacy process, such as IVF clinics, health providers, or fertility specialists. Serving as a liaison between you, the gestational carrier, and these professionals.


Why Choose Kansas for Gestational Surrogacy?

  1. Surrogacy-Friendly Laws: Kansas has a well-established legal framework that supports gestational surrogacy. The state recognizes intended parents’ rights and allows pre-birth orders, minimizing legal hurdles and ensuring a smooth process.
  2. Affordable Costs: Compared to other states, gestational surrogacy in Kansas often costs less. We offer competitive pricing packages without compromising on the quality of care and services provided.
  3. Accessible Clinics and Professionals: Kansas is home to an array of reputable fertility clinics, reproductive specialists, and surrogacy agencies. We have partnered with some of the best professionals in the industry to offer you top-notch care throughout your journey.
  4. Supportive Community: Kansas fosters a warm and welcoming environment for surrogacy intended parents. The local community, as well as support groups and events, can help you connect with others going through a similar experience, providing the necessary emotional support.

Our Surrogacy Services:

  1. Surrogate Matching: We understand the importance of finding the perfect surrogate match for intended parents. Our thorough screening process allows us to meticulously evaluate potential surrogates, ensuring compatibility and shared values.
  2. Legal Guidance: Navigating the legal aspects of surrogacy can be overwhelming. Our experienced legal team will work closely with you to ensure all legal requirements and documentation are met, protecting your rights and ensuring a secure process for both parties.
  3. Medical Coordination: We collaborate with leading fertility clinics and medical professionals experienced in gestational surrogacy to provide you with the highest quality medical care. From initial consultations to prenatal care, we ensure a seamless journey.
  4. Emotional Support: Embarking on a surrogacy journey can bring a mix of emotions. Our dedicated team of counselors and support staff will be there for you every step of the way, providing guidance, encouragement, and a listening ear whenever needed.


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