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Teen Pregnancy Options in Kansas?

By Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

As a teenager, depending on your age, you’re still in school. While in school, you didn’t plan on becoming a parent so young. This wasn’t your plan in life, which is okay. Having a teen pregnancy doesn’t mean your plans in life are over. It just means you have to weigh your options. This is where adoption agencies in Kansas come into play. Here at our agency, we’ll sit you down and go over your options.

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In Kansas, what are some unwanted teen pregnancy options?

Becoming a teen parent wasn’t in your cards when you became a teenager. At your age, no one expected this would happen. So, you haven’t planned out what to do. In Kansas, you have three options to choose from:

  1. You can decide to parent the child. This is a decision that is up to you alone.
  2. If this is an unplanned pregnancy, you can choose abortion. If you choose this, you have to be aware of the laws surrounding this.
  3. You can choose to put a child up for adoption as your last choice. 

As the birth parent, it’s your decision when choosing an option to take. If being a steady figure in your birth child’s life is something you’d like. Then you can choose to become a full-time birth parent. But if you’ve concluded that being a birth parent isn’t something you’d like. You can choose the option of abortion. With the laws in Kansas, abortion is legal. But you have to attend state-directed counseling. Where the counselor will try to sway your decision, then you’ll have to wait for 24-hrs before you can continue with the procedure.

What are some of the adoption plans to choose from in Kansas?

In Kansas, the adoption plans are typically the same throughout the states. First, you have the option to choose open adoption. Where you’ll become a part of the “family.” This means you and the adoptive parents will have a close relationship. Second, there’s semi-open adoption. Where you, as the birth parent, don’t have access to the adoptive parents’ information. This means if you want the names and information of the adoptive parents to be hidden. They will be. Last, there’s a closed adoption. In this option, there’s no communication on either side. This is accepted if you, as the birth parent, want nothing to do with the adoption process.

In Kansas, what are my pregnancy options if I don’t have financial stability?

With our agency, you’ll have the option of having a counselor who will be with you every step of the way. After you’ve chosen your counselor and have gone over the help you’ll need. They’ll go over the programs we offer. At our local adoption agency, we offer financial support, safe housing, medical care, and support counseling. 

At adoption agencies in Kansas, you, as the birth parent, won’t have to worry about the finances. If you’ve gone the adoption route, we’ll help you with your expenses. Depending on how much you need and how much we’re allowed to give. Will determine how much we can financially assist you if eligible. 

Depending on your living situation, we’re allowed to give you the allowed amount. This means if you’re living with your parents. We won’t be able to assist you as much financially. This is because you’re living with your parents. Which means they’re the ones taking care of your finances. But, if you were living with a significant other and you both needed financial help. We could help you there also if anything happens where you’re out of a living situation. We have a place you’ll be able to stay.

With unplanned pregnancies in Kansas. You’ll have many medical help options to choose from. As the birth parent, you’ll have access to food stamps, some medical programs, and support from the community. Our local adoption agency will help you with:

  • Bills that include rent and utilities and phone bill
  • Food/Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Pregnancy clothing 

Finding Unplanned Pregnancy Options as a Teen

Not knowing what to do as someone experiencing a teen pregnancy is reasonable. Becoming a birth parent at your age wasn’t in the cards for your life. But that’s okay. Our agency is here for you, which is why choosing adoption is not giving up. If you need unplanned pregnancy help now, Adoption Choices of Kansas serves birth parents statewide and beyond. We can help with teen pregnancy, financial assistance, difficult situations, and more. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call Us 877-903-4488 or Text Us 316-209-2071

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