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We understand the adoption process can seem arduous and so we are dedicated to easing the process by providing both professionals to assist you and information to educate you.

The adoption application process is easier to manage when its constituent parts are understood as a whole. The steps involved end up looking something like this: a couple (or single person) decides to adopt a child. They contact Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri and make an application to adopt.

The application requires a great deal of disclosure concerning details of the couple’s (or individuals) life, including legal and financial details; the couple will need to take a few days to fill it all out. After the first flush of paperwork and fees are submitted, the couple will have some time to consider what they are looking for in a child and how they will pay for the adoption process. There are plenty of grant and loan opportunities avaiable for adoptive parents.

As part of the application, the agency will also require a home study. A social worker comes to the couple’s home and reports to the agency on what she finds. The couple must contract with a social worker to perform the home study. After some time passes, the couple’s application materials are processed and approved (or denied). At that time, the couple will have the opportunity either to select a birth mother/child or to be matched with a child. If a child meeting the applicant couple’s criteria is not available, which is likely in a domestic adoption situation, the couple will have to wait until a child becomes available. Even if a child is available, there will likely be additional administrative before an adoption is finalized.

If the adoption is domestic and open in nature, the adoptive parents will be introduced to the birth parent (or parents). Eventually, all the necessary papers are signed and fees are paid. The adoption goes to court and a judge signs off on the adoption, making it permanent. The entire process may take as little as six to nine months, or as long as two years.

When you’re working with Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri the adoption process will be well organized, explained, and fulfilling. We provide a wide array of services to adoptive families. We can complete your adoption home study, assist in matching you with birth parents, and provide post placement services after you are placed with your child. We are with you every step of the way to help you build your family. Contact us now to get started.

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